Sunday, July 01, 2007

Is there a Doctor in the house?

I had a few series of nightmares last night , a few of them are still lingering in my head. One I had to work in this huge supermarket which was suppose to be one of those yucky yucky discount (i.e. almost expired food) stores but instead it was stocked with high end gourmet foods and I got around like I was on the roller skating tennis shoes, only there were no wheels, I just did the Tom Cruise Risky Business slide instead. My mom was the manager, but she couldn't show favoritism and she had a penchant for silk shirts Ala the 80's. My ex-boyfriend also made an appearance and discarded me like yesterday's newspaper. That wasn't so bad, I kinda had that coming for the way I ended things after 6 years, but really he deserved it. I also had a new boyfriend who worked in the store but I think he was married and again there was no fooling around at work as he was one of my superiors. Nobody else at the store liked me very much, in fact I think I remember them plotting to kick my ass and if I went to stock an aisle they were on they would all move away to continue their ambush plans. So that dream wasn't really one of the nightmares, it was just odd, I would like to shop at that store if one should ever open though.

The other dream is that I had a Doctor's visit in which he gave me three prescriptions two of which were totally unreadable and one that the diagnosis said "Fatal Morbidity". He was in a hurry to get off on vacation with his family, I was at his house in the front lawn. He also signed the prescriptions with the name of Kim something or another. Even if he were a woman, his name wouldn't be Kim, trust me on that one. He would be more of a Chis, I think. After he hands me the prescriptions the dream sorta petered out, I think I was waking up and wondering what the hell Fatal Morbidity is, if it even exists. I've been googling in it, but I'm still not sure what it means. It seems you can have a fatal disease that is listed as a type of morbidity (death) which is confusing, if you have a fatal illness, isn't it almost 99% that morbidity will follow? And if you should have non-fatal morbidity you are the 1% that doesn't die from the disease? Seems rather like a redundant term..

Anybody good at dream interpretations or medical definitions? Your guess is as good as mine so fire away anything on your mind.
Oh and the doughnut man is back (hence today's picture)...Honey is bringing me a doughnut with my coffee in the morning again. Just when I had weaned myself off the Blueberry Fritters, he brought one yesterday and today was a great Boston Creme Crumb Cake Muffin. It was awesome, it had goo inside (just one little pocket) and chocolate was drizzled over the crumb cake topping and the cake itself was sooo moist..


Karinaxoxo said...

I'm still undecided as to wether I think dreams actually mean anything

soapy t said...

no idea, but i like your dreams better than mine.

TTQ said...

Try eating weird foods before you go to's suppose to cause weird dreams.. Maybe I'll try some beef jerky, cheetos and a jalepeno pepperoni pizza. And an apple fritter.