Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nothin ever happens here until..

We got a call from the Police Station telling us to stay in our homes..half the subdivision is outside and most of the roads are cut off from traffic. Our lazy cul-de-sac hasn't seen traffic like this in a long time..

Situation in Rockledge closes roadway


Rockledge police and other law enforcement agencies have responded to a Bowing Lane residence and were trying to establish contact with a woman who lived there.

Neighbors told police that she had been arguing with them and appeared to be disoriented. Police fear for her safety.

She might possibly be hallucinating, said Rockledge Public Information Officer Donna Seyferth, and there were reports that she had a gun.

Levitt Parkway in Rockledge is closed to traffic because of the situation.

****The above picture is the model for our home "The Eastwood"****

It's kinda Pre-Brady Bunch, on the large view I found on the web, I swear there is a tee-pee in the sketch, in the upper right hand corner about where the canal goes through our backyard.


soapy t said...

sounds like britney is on your side of town? what fun you have. i want to be your neighbor.

TTQ said...

Brit-Brit would be a better fit a couple of miles north of here.. She would scare all the kids in the streets and the crossing guard would have a coronary. The speed limit is 20mph on every street in this neighborhood. She might get chased out with flaming torches by angry residents on bike and foot.

Caroline Willi said...

I know, I live 2 doors down, and wasn't able to come home to let my dog out. I did see the "Ninja people" go in, and what happened after that, I don't know.

Cyndy said...

Wierd! Could be anything going on. I feel sorry for this lady, but hope nobody got hurt and she gets help. Keep us posted!

cubmommy said...

cool! crazy lady with possible gun. it is like the show cops.

TTQ said...

Wow Caroline, two doors down?

Poor doggie, ours would have been freaking out.

I've never had a visitor from here before, much less someone from the same subdivision!

Let us know if you find out what happened before I do, though Honey says he got the scoop from a policeman friend who was called to the swat detail.