Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Snarks and Spoofs a Summer Time Must

So I skipped a few days blogging and I must say that it was time well spent on reading this book:

Secrets of the Model Dorm by Amanda Kerlin and Phil O.

Snarky, back stabbing, funny and often just gross. Metamucil Martini anyone?

And watching: Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It
which made me giggle out loud next to a sleeping Honey. It was one of those shows you are sad when it is over because she was so damn funny. I'm going to Tivo the next airing.

Monday, July 23 @ 9/8c

Who says the bottom of the Hollywood barrel can't be outrageously wild and downright hilarious? In true "D-List" fashion, Kathy serves as her own series lead-in when Bravo debuts her fifth stand-up special in which she takes comedic aim at everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Ann Coulter.
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soapy t said...

something about her makes me want to hate her, but i just cannot. she's effing' funny.

TTQ said...

This one got me:

No one curses more than Catholics

Swishy said...

I have watched that like a zillion times! It is SOOOOO funny!!

Andie said...

she is a trip. I love watching her specials. I especially love the one where she's talking about how she got trapped outside of her hotel room in a tshirt and her underwear when she was chasing her dogs. LOL