Friday, July 20, 2007

OH NO!!!!

Remember when I "lost" my ipod? Now I seem to have "lost" my camera. It's not on my desk, where it usually resides for random shots of well basically me , honey and the animals. It's not in my purse the second most likely place. I even carry spare batteries in a lipstick holder, I would show you how smart I am for figuring out how handy that turned out to be, but I've lost my camera, remember? Granted I haven't left my chair and I vaguely remember playing with it in the living room taking shots of old jewelry. Even if it is the living room, I am still going to rant about it, because I shouldn't have to go hunt it down. I swear I am getting early Alzheimer's..


kim said...

Every day with my coffee. I wish they made a cup with a clapper feature -- it's bad.

soapy t said...

my mom calls it sometimes. sometimes she rememebers sometimes she forgets