Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mapquest Can't Find Here Or There

When people say they are there for you..where exactly is "there?".

When people say they are here for you.. does that mean they are in "living hell" with me?

When people say they have to go..where in the world do all these people actually go?


kimberlie said...

hard to say. Maybe it's where ever you want them to be?

Or not.

But maybe it is?

Hope your ok. :)

cubmommy said...

Hey this might cheer you up. Hubby was starting to count my "blonde hairs" and came up with 5. He said he liked my gray hair made me sexy and mature. I told him what gray hair I have blonde highlights ;)

TTQ said...

I got my first one at 25, I called my mom and told her..she said am I suppose to congratulate you or sympathize and comfort you?

BTW 25 was the worst life age I turned. 30 was a cake walk. 25 stung, it was agony.