Friday, July 06, 2007

Sad Mommy

I can remember a time when my mom was once very sad, I found her in her room crying and she wouldn't or couldn't tell me what was wrong. I went to get my oldest sister as I was no more than 8 or whatever age you are in 2nd grade. My oldest sister was in high school at the time, she had me make a card for mom and we went to her room to give it to her and she just sobbed harder. I felt so helpless and confused. I imagine that she feels the same way when I get sad, helpless and confused. It's something that can't just be fixed. You can't snap your fingers, you can't go eat whatever, or be loved on. Those things help for ummm say a minute, maybe two. You just have to fasten your seat belt and try to chill.

There is a lot more to my little story, someday I'll flesh it out, but not right this year. And probably not on a blog, I am just trying right now to do free association blogging.. with and without details. I can share my story but not others even if I am a part of it.

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meno said...

Depression is (for me, and yes, i would know) a horrible circle. I feel depressed. I feel defective for being depressed. I feel guilty for bring defective. It just spirals around like a big galaxy.

Anyway, i've been there.