Thursday, July 19, 2007

When lightning Strikes

I just wrote a long sucky post, and then deleted it. It had to be the most boring whiny post that I have ever written. Even I couldn't stand reading it, and I wrote the damn thing. Long story short:

I saw lightning strike something today. It was pretty cool. It rained here hard all afternoon. I had to make the trip to Orlando for a Doctor's visit, 100 miles round trip. At 45 mph and 5 feet visibility.

That is all.


Cyd said...

Gee at 5 ft visibility I'd be going slower than 45!

I woke up angsting this morning. Whined to DH rather than blog about it. That didn't make HIM very happy. Maybe I'll try your approach: vent in a blog post and then delete it.

Swishy said...

Ughhh ... too bad you couldn't just sit inside with a blanket while it rained.

kim said...

ahhhhh, I'm supposed to delete those!

if I ever categorize my blog, I'll have "the wince gallery" as one.

Sorry you had to drive in all that rain -- so nervy when you can't see.

relaxation vibes to you))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Andie said...

I can sympathize. Almost every day this week has had that sort of rain around here. I'm over it already!

Manic Mom said...

This is weird but I read your post and it made me smile when I got to the end.

meno said...

"That is all."

Have you seen "The Devil Wears Prada'? You should.

TTQ said...

Meno-I Read the book and watched the movie.

Manic- I always laugh when I write "That Is All" if I'm in a really good mood I write "That is all, carry on"

Kim-That's a good category "wince"

Cyd- I still drive slower than Mom. She scares me barreling down the highway and heck even the road my subdivision is off of. It' sso funny to see her racing through the town.

Andie- I bet you get the same storm systems we do, it is raining now again.

Swishy- A good book and a nap is a great rainy day.

Andie said...

yep. typical afternoon showers that come from it being too damn hot and humid.

I'm sure our weather is just about the same 90% of the time!