Friday, July 06, 2007


As in irrational. I almost bought 20 lbs of Dead Sea Salt (Chamomile infused) off eBay last night. I had wicked crazy dreams again last night. I can pull a Mercedes Roadster one of the SLK editions out of a ditch with my bare hands , get the dent fixed and return it to you before you even noticed I took it out of the parking garage. Don't worry I had permission to drive it. Today, I pulled myself out of bed to meet friends for lunch and also to fight with the mail order prescription people again. The stop at the local pharmacy (to get the one particular and most crucial medicine I need right now) of course couldn't do what the mail order rx people said they could do...luckily they have the sweetest girl there who knows pretty much everything about me, like bra size and all. She said go ahead and go, I leave at three. ( get back and after lunch and they worked it out to terms I could live with. I pay now, send them the receipt they pay me later..I have enough of that icky stuff for another week until my mail order gets here)

So now I'm late and have to sit in the seat that nobody else wanted. I hate that, I have my seat that I ALWAYS sit in. I'm never late! It was a rowdy bunch today or so it seemed to me, I couldn't wait to get out of there. I couldn't follow a damn thing thing they said. I've got about 6 gazillion trains of thought barreling through my one time. I was once asked my sis and brother in law how many trains of though they had in their head at any given time. BIL said one. Huh? And I just finished the Carl Hiaason novel "Nature Girl" and the main character would have two songs that would play at the same time in her head and they called her crazy... this is not boding well for me today. 'Cause there is allot more than two songs playing in my head right now, it's more like a high school prom with music and chattering. The high school seems to be right next door to a night club with another different song and a whole other set of chattering..

So today's question is how many trains have you got going through your head at any given moment? Are you a Grand Central Station or are you a once a day train in a country town?


kim said...

One of my favorite songs is Kate Bush's "Big Sky". I once had a roomate say it sounded like ten songs playing at once -- perhaps I like it because it has something for everyone up there in my head.


Cyd said...

Grand Central Station in my head most of the time. Except when I get in the flow for work -- which is pretty rare.

I think this tendency is a female thing. You have to be able to multi-task to keep your family alive on the savannah. Have to watch out for lions, pick berries, and keep the youngsters from killing each other. Hmm, sounds like my trip to NYC :-)