Thursday, July 12, 2007

Puchi Puchi! Cheescake and Nascar!

Ever now and again I find odd little things that would make me happy( i.e. entertained). You know like shiny things, blingy thingies and what not. Cheescake makes me happy too, especially the extra large pieces of ones that have a myraid of flavors. Nascar, not so much..I got a spam mail the other day and it said Cheesecake and Nascar? Why? I don't know.. those things typically don't go hand and hand in my world. In fact Nascar has litlle to do with my world, except I saw Talledega Nights or was it called Talledega Days (Don't you put that on me Ricky Bobby!). Either way it had Will Farell in it..though his little imp Nora that he has used in some of his short online spoofs wasn't in it.

So here is the Puchi Puchi, it's like bubble wrap only better, it has different sounds and it comes on a keychain. Virtual bubble wrap. Genius I say, pure genius. It's 59.00 for 5 so that's not so nice. Maybe one of you loaded readers would like to send me one? I don't ask for cash in my blogging but gifts are greatly appreciated.

Bubblewrap toy set from Bandai. PuchiPuchi is designed to simulate the look, feel, and sound of popping bubblewrap, perhaps every geek's favorite pastime.Every 100 "pops" gives you a random sound including "door chime", "barking dog", "sexy voice", the eternal "fart" noise, and more! As an added bonus, among every 1000 pieces is a "puchi lucky" toy with a heart-shaped bubble.

Pre-order it here:

Puchi Puchi


kim said...

This has Christmas in July written all over it -- if you bought now, keep one for yourself and check four people off your list. $59 to check off four people and make yourself happy, now that's not bad.

Or one of the loaded readers could do the Christmas thing and send one to you as an early present.

Last -- I wouldn't want the dog bark, 100 destressing pops would be undone with one bark.

Andie said...

that thing is a trip. now I want one!