Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It Comed Off

Our little friend Amanda once said about her shoe: "It comed off!"

"What happened to your shoe?"

"It comed off!"

She's so cute. Today I'm sitting here blogging, er reading blogs and I hear a real soft "oh shit" from Honey in the bathroom. "What?" no answer from the bathroom. Whatever. The toilet is running so maybe it's not flushing right, he can deal with it. It's not like he yelled "Oh My Fucking God and Baby Jesus help us!"

Next thing I hear from Honey as he makes his way into then den," That trimmer works really well. It doesn't even plug in. " Apparently he tried to trim one long eyebrow hair and took off half of his eyebrow. Seriously. I look at him, and die laughing (hell, I'm still laughing). What happened to your eyebrow? "It comed off!" You can say that again. He looks like Inspector Brown from the game Clue?. "Quit raising that one eyebrow it makes it look funnier! I'm not raising my eyebrow! Are you sure? Cause it looks like you just walked into a room where everybody yelled "SURPRISE!" You know when you aren't happy about a surprise party so you try to figure out who to pummel first? I couldn't even look at him for three hours without laughing. I can look at him now. And I must say he's being a very good sport, he has made up about a dozen stories to tell to people if they ask..You know, I was cooking up some meth and blam! Oh I was checking my battery on my car and the acid bubbled up, I'm lucky I didn't lose and eye.


Manic Mom said...

OK, I love that "cooking up some meth" comment!

Good thing he wasn't doing any trimmin' down there. You'd hate for that to have "comed off!"

meno said...

Yeah, what manic mom said. Maybe you should help him trim down there to avoid accidents.

Swishy said...

Oh, Manic ... LOL.

Post a pic!

TTQ said...

Oh believe me, we had that conversation about trimming down there..there was no way in hell I was gonna let that opportunity skate by.

Andrea said...

One would think by now I would have learned not to drink my coffee while reading your blog!

He could always tell people that he pissed you off so you extracted revenge by shaving off half his eyebrow, and the only reason you only got half the eyebrow was because he woke up, otherwise he'd have been browless. That's what my dear hubby would tell people. If all else fails, blame it on the wife... though he's supposed to let me in on the story so I don't tell a different story. Like the truth. :)

Hi! I've been lurking off and on for a while and thought I'd come out of hiding. I found you through your comments on Manic's site. Thanks for all the laughs!

Andie said...

ha. that's funny.

kim said...

did you try to draw one in for him?

too funny.
cross talk question: have you read the new Augusten burroughs book? I keep forgetting to pick it up and was wondering if I should rush to do that, walk slowly.


TTQ said...

Andrea ..Welcome to my Blog, glad you came out of hiding. Around here we own up to our own faults, the only blaming going on is blaming the dogs for farts.

Kim, you know I tried that eyebrow pencil line..Iasked him if I should set it out for him on the counter..
You can cross-talk here, I know I do it on your blog..does it drive you batty? New Bokk! How come I didn't here about it! Ack!

Karinaxoxo said...

LOL - what a great story!!!!

You should get one of those pencils that let you put actual hair on there - then again - he's a male - he can just say he had a big night with the boys and they shaved an eyebrow off!!!

kim said...

cross talk is essential.

Perhaps I should have said "latest" book -- the "possible side effects" one, it came out in April?

I saw that it was due out on this here blog, got excited, then forgot b/c it was too far away -- ha!

Anyhoo, just remembered about it and wondered how it was.

TTQ said...

Kim- I made Honey stop at Books -a Million only to find out I already read the damn thing. Somehow my library had it when I went on search..who knew? I think the only one I haven't read is Magical Thinking.

kim said...

that's funny.