Monday, July 16, 2007

Too hot to think, too hot to blog

It's too hot to breathe, It's too hot to go outside. It's sucking the life out of us, Honey is hiding in the dark bedroom napping with the dogs. I'm watching the rain clouds roll in, as soon as it rains the heat will be washed away until tomorrow.

Tomorrow when I go to my car, it will be like opening a furnace. You can actually see the heat come out, the same with driving on the asphalt of the straight flat roads, it appears that there are pools of water on the road.The car steering wheel singes your hands when you first get into your car. The metal piece on the seat belt is too hot to touch and will actually cause to snap your hand away like you had touched a burner. Stopping to get a slurpee which melts in 5 mins is the high point of the day.

This is the perfect weather to spend all day in a cold, dark movie theater. I've never been one to pay for one movie and then sneak into another one right after, but I am tempted now. A stop at Target to load my purse up with the good gummy bears and maybe some Snow Caps because just the name Snow Caps sound good, like an Icee. Anything to get out of this heat, even the pool is not an option, the sun is brutal no clouds, I would burn in about 5 mins flat.

At least the a/c is working now, it hasn't clicked off in ages, it's struggling to keep the house a cool 77. But the new motor is up to the job.


Swishy said...

Ooooh, a movie sounds so good right now! Ahhhh. I wanna go.

Karina said...

The absolute worst thing about Summer is getting into a hot car - YUK!

meno said...

Wonder if you could bake some cookies in the car. Might as well do something useful with all that heat.

Andie said...

girl, I hear ya! it's been raining a bunch here, so that helps, but once the rain is over, good LORD the humidity is 10X worse..

Hope you got to see a good one!

Snocaps are the BOMB!

you know what else is good? getting goobers or peanut m&m's and putting them in your popcorn and letting the chocolate melt on the popcorn. OMG its so good!!!

soapy t said...

a cold towel on the back of the neck and an ice shower. or go out in a winter coat and then when you take it off you feel cooler.