Tuesday, July 03, 2007

American Woman.Bow Chicka Bow Bow

Yay! It's almost the 4th of July! Here at TTQ's house and we will be doing the following: not BBQ'ing, not setting off fireworks, not going to the beach. I know, I know how can we be so very unpatriotic? Well, we will celebrate by reading the Declaration Of Independence after pledging allegiance to the flag of course. Oh and did I mention the period costumes? I'm going to be Betsy Ross. Honey is going to be Ben Franklin. Honey just loves that grey powdered wig and the cute little satin Capri's with stockings. And a Cravet. And I get to bake an apple pie and work on my quilting.

Somehow Marie Antionette ended up in this picture which is kinda funny in itself, but she looks a lot sexier than Betsy Ross so I'm going have to go with that one. Next year I totally want to be the Statue of Liberty. I mean this girl ROCKS! Look how proud she is with her torch, and those braids..

Bow Chicka Bow Bow! 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka' !

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kimberlie said...

Since it's the 4th here... Happy 4th of July! Seeing as how your President and our Prime Minister are buddies, you'd think we'd get the holiday too by association!

Swishy said...

LOL ... no BBQ here either. Hope you had a good day :)