Friday, September 29, 2006

It's the weekend when blogs are slow, I get it... people have lifes. So for those of us who don't, there are sights like Post Secret, My Secrets, and Found Magazine where the above note was posted. Found Magazine started as a Hardprint Mag. (I actually have an original first edition, first issue from a friend of mine who owned a Coffee House bookstore with his 2nd wife.) So I could bore you with the details of my day at the Spa with my Mom, but I won't. I will tell you I ate at Mimi's Cafe for lunch, and it was awesome yet again. Haven't had a bad meal there yet.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sex store workers handcuffed in robbery

By JEFFRY SCOTTPublished on: 09/27/06

Three gunmen held up Starship Enterprises Adult Video at 4872 Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain early Wednesday morning. They took $230 in cash and escaped on foot after restraining two employees with leg irons and fur handcuffs sold in the sex paraphernalia store.

According to a police incident report, three masked men, wearing white T-shirts and jeans, entered the store after midnight. The gunmen began "yelling verbal commands" at Adell Sharp, 20, who was working the front register, and Lydon Blackman, 41, who was in the back of the store sweeping up.

One robber ordered Sharp to get on the floor while he emptied the cash register.
A second robber ordered Sharp and Blackman into the back room where he handcuffed Blackman with a "pair of silver leg irons from the store" to a sink. The gunman bound Sharp with a pair of black fur handcuffs, according to the report.

No one was injured in the robbery, which was captured on a video, according to the police report. The gunmen, who ran away, also stole several portable scales from the store, valued at about $700.
Okay, so I put a picture of the zebra cuffs, instead of the black...but the article didn't say if any of the employees enjoyed the robbery....
There is a break in the heat today. A slightest whiff of Fall. So, of course I get all excited about the holidays, starting with Halloween. We have already made ourselves sick by eating maybe 3 bags of candy corn. I'm smitten in the store by the cutest Halloween tableclothes and placemats. Not that we "DO" Halloween. the only kids in the house are us. No trick-or-treaters either, we turn the lights out and hide... I know, no fun..But, holding back a doberman every three and half minutes, so not fun either. That leaves us with Thanksgiving and Christmas... I offered to host Thanksgiving here at the 'rents old homestead, just for memories, and really we do have the house for entertaining a family on a holiday. 'cept for the doberman thing again. And the beagle, and the cat, and roomba would surely be sucked of all life. So as I am planning my decorating, I get reminded in my head, this is the season...the season my husband gives lap dances to unsuspecting guests. Each Holiday with his family, there are usually a few "non-family" guests. And those are the ones who get it, they are trapped, he's a big guy, 6'4 long legs, but due to all his baseball, he can squat and shake his ass better than most pole dancers. And I've seen strippers a plenty in Ft. Lauderdale. Yep, that's my husband, a wanna be ass shaker. Of course his family all laughs as they shake their heads and tell him, he's got something wrong in his head. He's not right. ...I was so looking forward to the Holidays..until I remembered this little thing of his. Maybe he's matured? Just cause he has no shame, doesn't mean that I don't.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yikes...look what it did to my niece! I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this but if she does. Sorry, was just too funny NOT to post.. Maybe you should work on your expressions, sneering will smirking doesn't work out so well

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Teddy Bear Massacres Fish

This cute teddy bear was inadvertently responsible for the death of 2500 fish in New Hampshire. Apparently, the bear clogged a critical drain at the Milford Hatchery. Robert S. Fawcett, Hacthery Supervisor, posted the following in the Hampshire Fish and Game Department's Weekly Fishing Report:

On Wednesday, September 6, 2006, a TEDDY BEAR released by person or persons unknown stopped the flow of water to a circular pool at Milford Hatchery, killing 2,500 rainbow trout. WATER FLOW in hatcheries IS LIFE SUPPORT TO THE FISH! Stop that flow, which delivers the dissolved oxygen required for fish respiration, and the fish suffocate and die. RELEASE OF ANY TEDDY BEARS into fish hatchery water IS NOT PERMITTED. Please think before you act. If a teddy bear is dropped accidentally, find a fish culturist and tell them quickly, so they might save your teddy bear, and keep it from becoming a killer. Thank you.

Link to NH Weekly Fishing Report, Link to Associated Press article

It's really not yah..of course I think it's funny..
I spy with my little eye something, someone or in somewhere beginning with C. and is 80 bagillion miles from me! Just wanted to give you a shout out! So WHAT DOIN??
Come out, Come out wherever you are...
Gabba Gabba Hey!

So this morning I'm having a conversation with a good looking young man in a skirt....about the Ramones. Yes, his skirt is a kilt, and he just got done playing at a funeral. Someone else pipes out "How much do you have to pay the piper these days?" $150.00 is you comitted suicide or had premartial sex .
Okay, you only have to pay for just those two?? That's what I wanna know.
Everything else you play for free? So what do I look in the phone book under pipes? pipe players? How's this thing work? He says "yeah, look under pipes 1-976-PIPES, baby" Okay I'm blushing now. That's kinda hard to make me do.
Okay so he starts on My-my-my my-Sharona! (Not on the pipes, he's not carrying his pipes with him, I assume they are in his car!) Yikes I too?! I can't get the Ramones out of my head this past week.... Gabba Gabba Hey! 24 24 24 hours to go... I wanna be sedated...Nothin to do, no way to get home, I wanna be sedated..... bam, bam , bam, bam. BAMP
So now at this happy little social gathering, I try not to look at him anymore, because..the only two things I haven't asked him yet...can you guess?....Right. Is he hanging free in his kilt as per tradition...AND can I take your picture for my blog... I'm a sell out. A dork. Before I got married, I would have asked those two things in a heart beat. But, alas there were people there who know my husband, alot of them. Bummer, but if I see him again soon, I am going to ask if he was wearing underwear, see cause he won't have the kilt I won't look like such a freak.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Hey Ho, Let's go!
Hey Ho, Let's go!
Hey Ho, Let's go!

They're all revved up and ready to GO!
And I've walked these streets
In the madhouse asylum they can be
Where a wild-eyed misfit prophet
On a traffic island stopped
and he raved of saving me

Have I been blind, have I been lost
Have I been blind, have I been mean
Have I been strongHypnotized,
mesmerized by what my eyes have seen
So you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts...
What's so amazing about really deep thoughts?
Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin

Get up, stand up (c'mon!) c'mon throw your hands up
If you've got the feeling, jump across the ceiling

I came to get down, I came to get down
So get out your seat and jump around!

Jump around!
Jump up, jump up and get down!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What's in your bag? A photo group on Flickr... The photos in the group all have little notes on the picture as to what everything is..there are a lot of people who have done this little photo essay. Kinda cool checking out what everybody carries in their bag.

What's in Your Bag

If you want to see more of my life and pictures just click the Flickr banner on my side bar, Warning: I just got a new camera and have been taking pics of everything~

Friday, September 22, 2006


I fell out of bed. Can you believe it? I fell out of bed. I fell the f*@# out of bed. Our floors are Terrazo (hard poured concrete with flecks of colored stones & glass), they are very hard. I didn't actually fall, I threw myself out of the bed while sleeping. I was having a nightmare, there were bad guys on a train and I was trying to get away away from them, and the only way was to squeeze through a half open window with enough force to throw myself clear of the tracks. Well I did it, and it hurt for real, the floor was hard, cold and smooth. Not a soft embankment of pine needle which would have probably cut me a bit, but would not have hurt so bad on the bones. Rude awakning.
I am not a good sleeper, I've been know to talk away throughout the night, kick and one night, honey said all I did was count numbers and add numbers ALOUD. I don't fall asleep quickly on my own, I don't like taking ambien, it doesn't make me sleep any better, and people do strange things when they take it. Trust me, I've seen my honey do some oddball stuff. And of course the Kennedy who recently thought he was going to work at 2:35 am, I can so sympathize with him, granted I have never got behind the wheel after taking ambien, but I have talked my honey out of it once ( that's in a course of two years, not months). He usually falls asleep very quickly after he takes it and lays down. I take it and and will try to finish something I was doing, next thing you know, it is three hours later and I can't remember shit. I did some reading on it and it's called a hypnotic. Great. No wonder I was counting in my sleep, I was probably clucking like a chicken some other night. So I will rarely take ambien it's expensive and doesn't work so great for me. Oh and it makes you hungry, gives ya the munchies..
The whole point is, I threw myself out of bed onto the floor...My mom thinks I should put a soft rug on my side of the bed, I told her maybe I should wear a helmut and pads for my knees and elbows pad. My honey thinks I may have had a seizure, so I have to stay in the house today in case it was a seizure or I have a concussion from hitting my head on the floor.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why oh why does this story fill me with glee? It's not because of football. It's the gnome itself..Gnomes are funny.


Yesterday, as I was photographing Honey's garden, I couldn't resist taking the picture of our garden statuette. Honey was not pleased, as she had a tough summer. I should point out that I do not like cutesy little garden statues in my yard. So I think she is great now. A warning to all things not to F*#@! with my, I mean Honey's garden. I do not garden, I take pictures of the garden. I give him my old panty hose to tie up his tomatoes or whatever it is he does with them out there. I will put on my gardening clogs and help pick vegetables when they all start producing at once and we pick 4 or 5lbs of vegetables a day.

Heads are going to roll!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A recent New York Times article showed up in my inbox today, it's not the type of thing I really blog about but I thought this was noteworthy of the times today...I'm not opening up a political debate on my blog. It's just an issue that people around the world struggle with everyday. It's a disease that knows no boundaries.... rich, poor, sex, race, republican or democrat. This article gave me a sense of hope for our next generations to come.. Most families today have dealt with a loved one afflicted at some time or another.

Democrat, Republican and a Bond of Addiction

WASHINGTON, Sept. 18 — Scenes from an uncommon political marriage:
Representative Jim Ramstad, a Republican from Minnesota, and Patrick J. Kennedy, a Democrat from Rhode Island, are deep in conversation on the House floor, Mr. Ramstad’s hand draped over his colleague’s shoulder.

Later that day, Mr. Ramstad receives a note in the Republican cloakroom from Mr. Kennedy, who needs a ride to a support group they attend in Georgetown. “Patrick’s not driving currently, so I’m sort of his chauffeur,” Mr. Ramstad says.

After the meeting, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Ramstad sit with friends in their regular booth at Morton’s Steakhouse. The gathering resembles any Washington power table, except the men are sipping Diet Coke and mineral water, have just come from “group” and are occasionally crying. “We love each other for our imperfections and for our common humanity,” Mr. Kennedy says.

The dinner last Tuesday celebrated Mr. Kennedy’s fourth month of sobriety, a process jolted into motion by an early morning car accident on Capitol Hill in May and a subsequent rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where he was treated for an addiction to painkillers.

In the precarious course of his recovery, Mr. Kennedy, the 39-year-old son of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, has come to rely heavily on Mr. Ramstad, 60. He has served as Patrick Kennedy’s sponsor, his primary source of advice and support in what he calls “the daily fight for my life” against addiction.

The day after the accident, Mr. Kennedy received a phone call from Mr. Ramstad, a recovering alcoholic who has been an evangelist in Congress for addiction treatment and 12-step recovery programs. The men did not know each other well.

But in battling their addictions, the two built a fast kinship that flouts the partisan divisions of Congress, their own divergent politics and the conditional nature of so many friendships in Washington. They speak daily, often several times. Mr. Ramstad visited Mr. Kennedy during his 28-day rehabilitation, driving two hours each Saturday from his Minnetonka home. When the Rhode Island Republican Party chairman called for Mr. Kennedy’s resignation after his crash, Mr. Ramstad called it “a slap in the face” to all recovering addicts.

Former Senator Max Cleland, a Georgia Democrat who frequently attends the Tuesday dinners, said, “This is a story of a shared and common humanity and overcoming political differences in a town known for its inhumanity.” Mr. Cleland, who lost both legs and part of an arm in Vietnam, says he is in recovery from “the trauma of war.”

“It’s a great brotherhood we all share,” he said of the dinner group. “And it has nothing to do with politics except that we’re all in it.”

The political world could learn much from these gatherings, Mr. Ramstad says. “If we could turn Congress into one big A.A. meeting,” he said, referring to Alcoholics Anonymous, “where people would be required to say what they mean and mean what they say, it would be a lot better Congress.”

In a joint interview with Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Ramstad in Mr. Ramstad’s office, each man nods solemnly while the other speaks. Both are mindful of the confidentiality rules involving recovery groups. They say they agreed to be interviewed because their “sponsorship” relationship was revealed in court as a condition of Mr. Kennedy’s probation (he pleaded guilty to impaired driving).

Mr. Kennedy has big expressive eyes, a lanky frame and slightly hunched posture that lends the impression of an overgrown boy. Mr. Ramstad walks chest-out and speaks with the practiced certainty of a man who has counseled numerous addicts over 25 years.

The two men share a keen sense of the twin burdens that being an addict and congressman impose, Mr. Kennedy says. “To some degree, all politicians lead a double life, a public one and a private one,” he said. Mr. Ramstad has emphasized the importance of integrating what he calls “the political game face” with “the real person inside.”

Being a Kennedy carries its own weight, Mr. Kennedy says, given the legacy of drug and alcohol abuse in his family. His mother, Joan Kennedy, has endured a long battle with alcoholism, and his father was involved in a string of alcohol-related episodes earlier in his career. (Senator Kennedy says he will drink a glass of wine at home at night or in social settings. He describes himself as being “well” over the last 15 years, a recovery he attributes to his current wife, Victoria.)

In a phone interview, Senator Kennedy says he shares a meal with Patrick once a week. His son is doing well, he says, thanks in large part to “the incredible generosity of spirit” of Jim Ramstad.

Patrick Kennedy makes frequent references to the pressures and expectations inherent in his name. “When you grow up in my family, being somebody meant having power, having status,” he said. “The compensations you got were all material and superficial. I’ve come to realize, in the last few months, that that life made me feel all alone.”

Both Mr. Ramstad and Mr. Kennedy are active in a House caucus of about 60 representatives that promotes legislation for treatment of addiction and mental illness. Some of the members are addicts themselves, or recovering addicts, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Ramstad say, but neither would estimate how many.

Mr. Ramstad attended support group meetings with former Representative Phil Crane, Republican of Illinois, who battled alcoholism and says his own recovery was nurtured by the late Senator Harold Hughes, Democrat of Iowa, who spoke of his own struggle with drinking.

“There is a very powerful recovering community in this town,” said Capt. Ronald Smith, the former chairman of psychiatry at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and a regular at the Tuesday dinners. A recovering addict, he has treated many senators and congressmen and leads the support group attended by Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Ramstad and Mr. Cleland.

It is unclear, Captain Smith says, whether addiction is more common among politicians, but alcohol does tend to pervade political life, with its cocktail party fund-raisers, endless dinners and constant travel. Ann Richards, the former Texas governor who was buried Monday, used to visit prison inmates and say, “My name’s Ann, and I’m an alcoholic.”

Mr. Ramstad makes repeated mention of “July 31, 1981,” the day he awoke from an alcohol-induced blackout in a Sioux Falls, S.D., jail after creating a disturbance at a hotel coffee shop. He had just finished his first term as a Minnesota state senator. “If I had not wound up in that jail cell, I would not have sought treatment,” Mr. Ramstad said. “I would probably be dead today.”

Mr. Kennedy has endured several public battles with mental illness. He was treated for cocaine addiction as a teenager, suffered from depression as a young adult, was given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder after coming to Congress in 1994 and then became addicted to painkillers. He also was prone to binge drinking, which contributed to a scuffle with an airport security guard and a visit from the Coast Guard after a heated argument with a girlfriend aboard a yacht, among other episodes that became public.

The May car crash was the latest embarrassment. The police found Mr. Kennedy disoriented, claiming he was heading to a House vote though Congress was not in session (it was 2:45 a.m.). Mr. Kennedy, who had been driving without headlights before swerving into a police barrier, blamed a mix of prescription medications for the accident.

Both men describe their signature humiliations — Mr. Kennedy’s accident and Mr. Ramstad’s arrest — as “blessings” that spurred them into recovery. “We both totally hit the wall, and it was publicized,” Mr. Kennedy said. “Or the barrier in my case.”

Mr. Ramstad says he has come to “love Patrick like a brother,” although there is more of a paternal tone to his manner when they are together. At one point during the interview, Mr. Ramstad tells him to turn off his hyperactive cellphone. Mr. Kennedy sheepishly obliges. He says he is learning to take instructions from a Republican.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Me: Hello Blogger?
Blogger: Yes, how may I help you?
Me: Can I have the boss of Bumble Blog?
Blogger: One moment, please...
Voice Mail at Bumble Blog: This is TTQ, I'm not in right now, please leave a message.
Me: Um, hi Me? I'm sorry but I'm calling in sick today. I just don't feel very well. So I'd like to use 1/2 of a mental health day, and 1/2 of a regular sick day..see I'm not really sure what feels worse and I hate to waste a whole day on something it may or may not be. Oh and please don't call back, I have a feeling I won't be answering the phone today. Okay, well I guess that's all, bye. I'm really sorry...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Does your significant other read your blog?

Last night, my honey was trying to find my blog. He started searching and couldn't find it. I didn't help him. If he wants to read it, he can find it on his own. I think I prefer that he not read it. It's ok for strangers to read, and my big sister, but she is the only person I know personally who reads my blog, and I think she forgets from time to time. It's not like I actually write anything that may hurt his feelings, there is no lusting after other men, griping about his shortcomings, or boasting about his abilities. I write about my honey enough to where people know I am attached, and that is a good thing, just like I never take my wedding ring off and leave it off.

Sunday, September 17, 2006 cat is part you guys see that? Take her ears away and she's a dead ringer for a grey alien. she sleeps on my head, i know why now, she's sucking away my intelligence.seriously.
It's a family affair. I love love love that more blogs are popping up in our family. I'm not talking the neices and the nephews on MySpace. (I think Myspace is a playground for pedophiles)I also love that we have flickr now, where you can post whatever pics you want. (I'm off to buy a new camera today) YAY! So I encourage you to reach out a meet my big sister...

Cyanocorax on Livejournal

I told my honey he sould start his own blog, he's funny, he can be silly, he knows alot about baseball and gardening. I'm sure a few political rants would end up in there. I said I would start him up and set it up. He just doen't feel like he needs to jump from e-mails and IM to blogs. This is coming from a guy who can't work the tv's in the house. Techie things mine. Gardening things him. House projects we try and hire people these days, because both of our DIY projects never come out as planned..or last very long.

I would also like to see mom start a blog, that would be cool because I might be able to figure out what she's got cooking, and head on over there. Though we IM pretty much everyday, go hang out her work, and stop by her house alot...i just can't get enough of my mommy! And my husband adores her, which I think is great!

Friday, September 15, 2006

How can it be Friday already??? I'm just now getting into the weekday routine and it's all going to be blown to hell after Honey gets off work tomorrow... Sat.. He only works a couple of hours in the morning. So I ended my part in the drama with some of the players today, I told worried friend not to call me about any of that whole mess, I can't keep up with it and it does make my head hurt.. and when two-timing wifey comes back from up north..I'm going to tell her the same thing. Don't call me about the mess you made and for advice you don't take. I'm not going to co-sign your bullshit. Worried friend and I were having a lovely little conversation about happier stuff when the other man came in... He looked a bit frazzled. We did greet him politely and went back to our chatter... I have no respect for that man at all any more... His holier than thou attitude when he is the biggest hypocrite..yuck yuck and yuck. See what happens when i get all excited about having my new fall shows start up soon? My own life suddenly becomes a soap opera... I would much rather watch these dramas on TV...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A day without drama...

Finally, a day with out drama. I was starting to feel like I was rocketed into a Jerry Springer episode. Hence, the where the hell am I post. The thing is, it wasn't my drama. I have two friends that are so deeply immersed in each other's life that it isn't even funny. One isn't happy about the other's marital mess she is making. So she calls me asking for advice and help, and the other who has the marital mess and chaos calls me for advice about the other man. Yet she does the total opposite of what she jut told me she was going to do. I swear for the last week, they have kept my phone ringing all day. And neither of them take any suggestions, it's all very silly and frustrating. Well, except for the two sleeping together who should not be sleeping together because one is married.....
The whole point is..someone is going to get hurt. It's not very pretty and all this lying and deceit is going to smack them right out of the state of Florida... I really don't want to be involved at all..I have quit answering the phone, because I really don't want any part of it.

On a happy side note, I won something... a cd from the show Weeds.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where the hell am I?

If you find me can you please send back to the real world? I...AM...SO...LOST.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekend Sobriety Tests and Monday Hangover Competency Skills..

Lesson 1- How to Measure the Height of a Tree

On September 7, 2006 the San Francisco Chronicle reported that researchers had just discovered a 378 foot (113 meters) tree that is probably the world's tallest living tree. If you think you can find a tree that can break that record, or just want to measure that tree in your backyard, try these techniques. These methods can also give you a good approximation of the heights not only of trees, but also of telephone poles, buildings, magic beanstalksĂ‚—pretty much anything tall.


1)Shadow Method -Know your exact height in the shoes you will be wearing to perform this method.

2)Stand next to the tree or the object to be measured. For best results, do this method on a bright, sunny day. If the sky is overcast, it may be difficult to tell exactly where the shadow's tip is

3)Measure the length of your shadow. Use a tape measure or yardstick to measure your shadow from your feet to the tip of your shadow. If you don't have someone to assist you, you can mark the end of the shadow by tossing a rock onto it while you're standing. Or better yet, place the rock anywhere on the ground, and then position yourself so the tip of your shadow is at the rock; then measure from where you're standing to the rock

4)Measure the length of the tree's shadow. Use your measuring tape to determine the length of the tree's shadow from the base of the tree to the tip of the shadow. This works best if the ground all along the shadow is fairly level; if the tree is on a slope, for example, your measurement won't be very accurate. You want to do this as quickly as possible after measuring your shadow, since the sun's position in the sky (and hence the shadow length) is slowly but constantly changing. If you have an assistant you can hold one end of the measuring tape while he or she measures the tree's shadow, and then you can immediately measure your shadow.

5) Calculate the tree's height by using the proportion of your shadow's length to your height. Since you know the length of the tree's shadow, and you also know that a certain height (your height) produces a certain shadow length (the length of your shadow), you can determine the tree's height with a little math. Multiply the length of the tree's shadow by your height, and then divide the resulting number by the length of your shadow.

For example, if you are 5 feet tall, your shadow is 8 feet long, and the tree's shadow is 100 feet long, the height of the tree is (100 x 5) / 8 = 62.5 feet. Note that the order of your multiplication does not matter.

Fixed Angle of Elevation Method
1) Fold a square piece of paper in half so that it forms a triangle. The triangle will have one right (90 degree) angle and two 45 degree angles.

2) Hold the triangle near one eye so that the right angle faces away from you and one side is horizontal (parallel to the ground, assuming the ground is level).

3) Move back from the tree until you can sight the top of the tree at the top tip of the triangle. Close one eye to sight the tree's top. You want to find the point where your line of sight follows the hypotenuse of the triangle to the very top of the tree.

4) Mark this spot and measure the distance from it to the base of the tree. This distance is also the height of the tree. This works because the angle of elevation using your triangle is 45 degrees, and the tangent of 45 degrees = 1.

Friday, September 08, 2006

My name is TTQ and I am an....

Online sweepstakes and freebies junkie. I need help. Seriously. I'm not kidding. There is something wrong in my head. I gave up a day of shopping to rush home after meeting friends for lunch. I wanted to get my housework done before honey got home from work, so I could start entering for all these prizes and samples ( Funny thing was, is everything was done, I must have been on autopilot last night and this morning). I never know what is going to be delivered each day. I must have entered 200 contests today. And yesterday. I'm just going to try it for a month. If I don't win anything from all this hard work by October 30th, I'll know that it's just not meant to be.. Until then, could you guys like maybe check on
me from time to time? I may have died at the keyboard. Just trying to get my fix.
You know what's odd? I don't even play the lotto. I don't gamble in poker games. I can't figure out how to make the slot machine spin. No football squares, no gambling.
Contests yes..mmm, contests, must enter, must enter now.
I gotta get some sleep or at least go watch tv it's 1:00am...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finally! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! We are getting close to all the good shows coming back with new episodes! Yay! Thursday's are going to be hectic..three shows on at the same time. I can't set the dvr for all the TV's in the house, in case honey has something he wants to watch. So he gets one tv, but if he hasn't fallen asleep by the time my shows comes on I can only DVR one show and watch real time in another room, which means I'll have to skip one show!! Grey's, CSI, or the OC.. Tough choice maybe I'll break down and get another dvr capable receiver box, which means we will have 5 TV's that will be on satellite and I can record on.. it's only another $100 for the equipment and we have the extra tv's.. But really do 2 people need that many TV's? If I don't get one, I'll have to choose Grey's and The OC...

Fall premiers

ABC Shows
Grey's Anatomy- Thursday, Sept. 21st. 9/8c
Desperate Housewives- Sunday, Sept 17th. 10/9c
CBS Shows
CSI-Thursday, Sept 21st. 9/8c
CSI New York- Wednesday, Sept 20. 10 ET/PT
CSI Miami- Monday, Sept 18th. 10 ET/PT
NBC Shows
Law and Order SVU- Tuesday, Sept 19. 10/9c
FOX Shows
The OC-Thursday, Nov 2. 9/8c
WB Shows
Gilmore Girls Tuesdays 8/7c

Monday, September 04, 2006

I want to take a poll of anybody who happens to read this, just curious..
Do you leave the bathroom shut or closed, even if you are home alone? And what about when it's just your kids, or husband? And why? Leave your answer in the comments.. I'll explain later...
Happy Labor Day~

No more white shoes! Fall will be here soon, Mommy's will get a break from having a house full of kids, yours and their little friends. I love the fall, even though the leaves don't change here. Even so, this will be my 3rd fall in Central Florida, there is a difference between Central and South Florida. I've been doing Fall cleaning, I took all my clothes out of our bedroom closet and moved it to the Master Bedroom closet aka, EJ's ( my 16 year old niece, when she is down from GA) room and my dressing room.
That closet was full of honey's fathers clothes and shoes, which are all boxed up and ready to go to charity. Honey is so sentimental, he couldn't do it even though I believe he has been in this house for 5 years now, since his father died. I still have another bedroom to go through, it is jammed packed with my stuff from Ft. Lauderdale and a lot of his family's stuff. He is starting to adjust to all the changes, because as I find cool stuff, I find a place for it, so he can see it. I love old photographs and I have started reframing and displaying them, which he totally approves of.
We still have 4 dining room tables aggh! We almost inherited a fifth which I love, but my oldest sister has first rights to.
I love that my clothes have room and are organized now, I still can't really get to my purses as they are in the 4th bedroom..the jammed packed one. We also have a huge foyer that is jammed with boxes and even more furniture, luckily it has three walls so it isn't that noticeable. We don't use the main front door, but I would like too some day.
A friend of ours who is here from his job in Japan has offered to help with the tile project that I want to do. It's not a big one and we should be done in a day. Neither one of us has ever done it before but I found some really straightforward instructions on a DIY website. I think we can handle it.
I hit all the Labor Day sales, but I'm not in much of a shopping mood, I'm more in a nesting mode. I really don't need anything that I can think of except materials for projects around the house. I found a comforter to replace the one the dobie ate. I sorted through my christmas stashes to see if i was lacking anything.
I can actually start wrapping if I wanted to. Yes, I'm one of those annoying creatures that shops year round and then puts the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Then I start wrapping and the piling of the presents begins. I love to see everything all wrapped and shiny, no kids live here so I don't have to worry it makes the holidays so much cheaper and calmer. I can focus more on having people come for dinners. The only thing I don't save on is honey's presents, those are usually big ticket ones and mom's since she doesn't write up her list until Nov.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

BabyFred (my babygirl, top left) dared
Fletch (my beagle), she told him the pills were candy... He's safe in Rehab now..

Elvis (Karyn's cat) looks like he might be ready to join Babyfred!

In an effort to get the much deserved admiration and praise ( Yes they are like children to some of us!) for our pets by us owner's everywhere who have submitted countless pics to Stuff On My Cat ( NO LINK ADDED ON PURPOSE! YOU BASTARDS!)

...Since they didn't pick any of my pics or Karyn's for the world to coo and giggle at .....

I totally think my Babygirl would make pretty babies with Elvis (if he's not gay, Elvis kinda looks like Elton John!)