Friday, June 30, 2006

I'mmmmmmmm Baaaaaaaaaaaccccccck! I've started my Flickr photo album, see the banner on the left. People have been awesome about giving me copies of pics burned onto disc, some were e-mailed in. All were appreciated! The honeymoon was great. I ate too much got a little sunburn on my butt. Pics are bound to suck, I'm scared to look at them. I really don't like having my picture taken. But I think I will take a break from wedding photos and delete all the really bad ones from the honeymoon, thank god we have our own computers!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm married. We can't stop looking at our rings! It was perfect! "IT" was also perfect!! I think I'm going to be better in bed now that I'm married! I mean it was awesome, my absolutely wonderful husband is in the shower. We are staying in and just relaxing. Tommorrow we pack for our cruise on Monday. Dinner tonight will be Wedding Cake! Check back after the honeymoon for pictures! My god, I'm still seeing flashes from the cameras!

I chose to use local female buisness owners and they rocked! Professional, on time, confident and great at their skills!

Thanks Kitti for a truly awesome cake! If you live on the Space Coast, Florida go to Kitti at The Cake Shop in Rockledge!

Thanks Amanda at Amanda's Florist in the Village!

Bigs thanks to my family! Mom you looked smoking! Cyndy, Heather and Evelyn, I am forever in debt to you..

Also, Laurie, I love ya! You have held my hand for a whole year, and kept me sane, and I value our friendship dearly. I really can't say enough....

Friday, June 23, 2006

Okay for all you worried that I'm having a rough start to my's really going fine. The most important part of my wedding is our union to be together forever, the rest is all trivial stuff. I refuse to get worked up over it...So If I seem a little "dramatic" in my posts, it's because I'm laughing about it all ready!
Tennesse Tooter- You have a year to plan! Keep an open mind, and remember part of the fun is sharing time with friends and family! My plans changed so many times until it all worked together. So today is my last day of being single, and I spent the morning wrapping gifts for neices, nephew and sisters..We have alot of Birthdays in the next two weeks......
P.S. the reason my dress wasn't ready Wed, was because I was suppose to pick it up Thursday! bad
Leigh Ann- Thanks for stopping by again.
Check back often for more "incidents"......(I'm very accident prone) It's very exciting being me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am trying a homeopathic remedy for my eye. I have used
herbal remedies for awhile, as well as my "real" drugs.
They even had a type of Arnica Montana for plastic surgery recovery. And well since my eyelid looks like I had surgery to fix problem areas..
I figured it was worth a shot. I also got the gel form, but am using it very carefully since it is my eye area. I'll let you know later if it works.

Interested in more? Arnica Montana

For those of you who thought the black eye didn't look like much, I took another picture with my eye open. Keep in mind that I have no make-up on in either picture.
Ewww and eww and yuck. 3 days till my wedding.

I still have a black eye.

My dress was not ready.

My oldest sister missed her flight.

My middle sister left her phone at the Bridal Shop.

I have to go back to the Bridal Shop to pick up my dress, we had so not planned on that. I want to be on my honeymoon. NOW.

Manic Mommy..this post is for you!
Ok no time for poetry today, this is the last fitting of my wedding dress, and I should be taking it home today. The bridesmaids dresses will be pressed while we wait..
However, seeing as I'm an insominac, I may just surprise everyone with a flurry of posts today.
If you want to see my wedding dress go here: TTQ's Home Page

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fyrchk has a friend in the MAXIM's hottie of the year contest. Coco from VA. Fyrchk is one funny girl. Take a trip to MAXIM and vote for Coco, then leave a comment on Fyrchk's blog........

Vote for Coco here: VOTE FOR COCO


I have a black eye. Really, I have a black eye. I am going to have a black eye on my wedding day. Injuries related to my wedding now total 3.
1) The lamp breaking on my forehead
2) The bikini waxing incident
3) A black eye with a red mark in the corner of the white part of my eye.
I suspect that the false lashes that were applied with glue are the culprit. I had a full make-up and hair trial run a few days ago. I took off all my makeup and I knew I had something in my eye.I tried to flush it out, then I went to bed. It felt better in the morning. I even wore make-up yesterday (I think) but I didn't see it then, today I was wondering why it still looked like I have mascara and eyeliner on, closer inspection revealed a black eye.
Why didn't I see it before? Because somebody else has been working on me rather than , waxing, make-up the works. I have been avoiding the mirror so I don't get an urge to pop a zit or two if I think I see something. I want clear skin for my wedding. I've even been cleansing and toning at my desk instead of the mirror.
Did I mention I have a fucking black eye?
Okay, so I get a phone call from a very manic friend ( She chooses to call her mental condition as "Very enthusiastic") of mine yesterday afternoon. It starts off as ..



h)Did you know so and so is leaving our organization?

m)Really? What for this time?

h)What do you mean?

m)Well he's said it before.... but he always comes back..

h)Like why?

m)Well for one him and so and so had a butting of the heads...and everyone else was ignoring him...

h)Oh, I should have called you first I've been crying all afternoon...

m)Why? He's an asshole.

h)Yeah, but he's dying...

m)So he says, but he also said he built Noah's Ark..

h)Yeah , but he has cancer, and it's too painful for him to come anymore...

m)I know...So he says, but he always comes back...

h)What kind of cancer?

m)Beats me, all I know is he was diagnosed years ago and he refuses any treatment..


m)No, I'm lying to you. If he decided to listen to some Dr's and put his HUGE EGO on hold, I might feel sorry for him...too chicken shit to fight, he's happy being a stubborn jerkwad who knows EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING

h)So I've been crying all this afternoon for nothing?

m)Well if you want to feel sorry for him go ahead, I'm not and I don't.

h) Oh, I didn't know any of that...

m) I know he wanted us to put it on the front page of the newspaper..but we missed the deadline.. ( Just kidding, I didn't say that last part)

This poor girl gets so manic she has no control of her emotions, she says I'm like an ice queen. Actually, I just take my meds as prescribed.. I can't handle that roller coaster emotionally shit all the time..

I just thought of another example to remind her of, I was holding a meeting and he out and out disregarded anything I said because I'm a woman!!!!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Karyn at "Pretty* in the City" has published the prologue of her new book "20 Times a Lady".....check it out.. I was hoping to win a book since all my money recently has gone towards my wedding and I can't justify buying a book right now especially since I live right across the street from the Central Library... But I didn't fololow the contest rules, I just worked for her, I thought she might have pity on me.
We put the "Funk" into dysfunctional ...
FH just asked me to have his dinner ready for him around 9 when he gets back tonight. I nod and say umm hmm. AND he starts to add other things he wants ready by 9 ish...
I look at him with stars in my eyes and sweetly say..... DO I LOOK LIKE JUNE FUCKING CLEAVER?
5 more days until we are married....
Psssttt... I got a secret... I'm marrying Teddy Fucking Crocker. He said he was at a clients house today and the lady was cooking something that smelled great. She gave him the recipe...which he brings home to me.. told me to save it and he'd make it, cause he is Teddy Fucking Crocker. Love it.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Seen on a sleazy motel sign placard " God less our guests"...a few weeks ago it said "God bless our guests... I like the new version. The first was a prayer for you if you stay there. The second kinda just states the obvious.

Tonights bumbling led me into a dark netherland of the bitches club, I don't think they will take me either, since I just mentioned I love Hello Kitty in the last post. There also appears to be a drinking web ring going on.... which looks likes they have to do the shot if they have the asterick next to their name. If you can drink more power to you, I'm not a holy roller.. but lets just say I've drank enough in my lifetime. The end of that drunkalog.
The bitches club looks like something I would have loved to have been a part of at one time...and I'm hoping to get a smack from another webpage that grades blogs..
Eitherway it's been an enjoying evening bumbling and stumbling. I feel a little like Alice in Wonderland....
Yesterday was my Bridal Shower... It had a Hello Kitty theme! I love Hello Kitty! I got lots of cool gifts, a giftcard to Victoria's Secret, lingerie from a few people, candles, and tickets for my fiancee and I to see Ron White next month! That was awesome, I had tried to get tickets when they first went on sale and had no luck.
Too bad I had an anxiety attack while I was getting ready and ended up in a xanax fog for part of the day (most of which while meeting with the girl performing our ceremony, which we did before the shower)
Friday, I went shopping with my niece and sister, and found some really cute bikinis for my honeymoon.
I am s00oo tired, my sleep sucks ... I can't wait to be on our honeymoon and married already!
Today I have to to do some last minute shopping for the reception, we also want to go to the beach and my fiancee is cooking dinner for my family! Our house is really not up to visitors right now, but everyone is being cool about how busy I am. I'll straighten up somewhat, and that will have to do!
It looks like rain so we may not make it to the beach, which is okay because I don't want to be burnt when I get married. Though my niece really wants to go, she's still sleeping in lalala land here at my house, her mom is staying with our mom until her hubby gets here next week. I'm going to catch a few more zzz's.Just wanted to post while I could.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Okay, so I've stumbled into the world of stay at home mom bloggers. Do I count? Will they accept me? I'm at stay at home soon to be wife. My kids include a doberman, a beagle and a tuxedo cat. Scroll down for pics. Yes, I have some extra time on my hands. However, it keeps me occupied and out of trouble. My fourth "child" would be my wonderful fiancee, soon to be husband in one week. He's like a two year old on crack at times.... I think we may have some ADD or ADHD going on there, but he's great.
Right, so back on track, where do I fit in the world of bloggers? I'm not a twenty something party girl anymore, I've left my stressful office job and the world of office politics.... I don't drive a minivan, there are no play dates... I guess we would qualify as DINKS. Are there any web rings of DINKS? Anybody out there a little dinky?
I just did a quick search, Dinks make me yawn.... IRA's , ROTH's , 401k's and all about how smart they are with the dual income, no kid thing.. I mean I don't sit here and tell you I paid my electric bill, my water bill, and my gas bill today because it's a smart thing to do. You guys already know you have to pay those bills..right?
Surely there must be some cool DINKs out there with some spare time to blog...Anywhere? If you know any web sites where I might find some, leave it in the comments.. Otherwise I will continue to crash the SAHM and single 20's & 30's pages. I will lurk and live vicarously through you. Muhhahahahahah.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

BabyFred, the ruler of the roost. Fancy Feline..How could you not love her?
Yippee! It's Thursday new Timelne in City Link by T.M. Shine. I love love love Timeline. Don't know why , but I just do, he's like my hero. I want to make my own timeline, but I'm afraid I'd be "infringing" on his thing, his niche, his idea.
Check him out:


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Zeus has a new purse! He is ready to go shopping with mommy! He picked up his purse and hooked it over his head so he can POWER SHOP!!! Behind Zeus is a big box from Williams-Sonoma. My very nice Aunt and Uncle sent a BOX full of goodies to bake with! Very happy with the first Wedding gift to arrive at our doorstep! So, all in all a great day , except for a minor bikini waxing incident that I'm too traumatized by to share. YET.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

NOLA Needs Books (City of New Orleans Library) Katrina HELP

If you've got more books than shelf space, think of donating them to the New Orleans Public Library. The library is looking for hardbacks and paperbacks, and books that the library can't use will go to fund-raising efforts or directly to families affected by Hurricane Katrina. Tell the post office you're making a donation, and your shipment can go library rather than book rate. You'll be saving on postage, and you can write the donation off your taxes.

The address is New Orleans Public Library, 219 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70112-2007, attn: Rica A. Trigs, Public Relations. For more information,go here
Freakish Day

1) A lamp fell off a shelf in my closet,the glass shade hit my head and left a cut.
2) Get call from my honey, that I just went speeding past him...pull over wait for him to make a u-turn, he wants to see the cut on my noggin.
3) Arrive at Mom's house where a friend is picking me up to go to my wedding dress fitting, mother is cursing at Road Runner tech support on speaker phone.... .
4) Get on road south to Melbourne, rain starts very hard, call Bridal Shop, let them know I'm running late.
5) Dress has been altered and custom back is almost complete. One problem, my boobs which fit nicely in to the dress at the last fitting, appear to have shrunk. While getting repined a new bride to be, her mother and grandmother walk in. "What I want isn't what I thought I wanted" remarks the newly engaged. Granny calls out "Over here they got them wrinkled dresses...(ITS CALLED SILK ORGANZA). Dress owner whips around to see what they are talking about, she looks relieved to see the organza dress she was referring to. She begins to instruct the seamstress again, muttering to herself and me that every dress is pressed before coming out of the back. She makes sure of it herself. After walking forward backwards, spinning and every other move I might have to make is tested. Headpiece on, veil on, off, on, off, on...Finally they are ready to finish the dress, only one more fitting to go. My shorts and t-shirt feel great, very happy to be back in them.
6) Stop at convenient store for energy drinks, get back on the road, at a stop light the car next to us motions that our rear wheel is low or flat ( I can't read lips, just know what the hand signals were)
7) Pull into gas station, Do you plug tires (There is a small service shop attached to the store)? No, do you sell fix a flat, no? Guy says go up three blocks there's a tire shop. Ok, but our tire is very very flat. Throw three quarters into Air Machine, nothing..Are you pressing the button, yes, I'm pressing the button. Get whistled out while bent over. They could have offered to help. Now I have to go back and ask rude man, ok is your air machine broken? No , someone just used it. Thanks, Thanks ALOT Throw more quarters in..finally it starts, begin adding air? How do you know when it's done? When it's not flat anymore, we are going three blocks.
8) Pull into Tire Shop, everyone smiles, but they all skirt around us, avoiding us, finally we corner a guy, Do you plug tires? No mam, we patch from the inside. Okay how long does that take. I can't fit you in today it's almost 5. Great Just freakin great. Make a u-turn and go three blocks up and on your right is a another tire shop, they plug tires. (Is this some kind of joke???)
9) Find the place, there are about 80 gazillion people parked all over the place and people hanging out waiting for their cars to be worked on. Do you plug tires? Yes $5 bucks, pull around the corner and park on the side of the building, it's going to be awhile. The place is horrible, just covered in grime,we choose to sit on wall facing traffic, we look like two hookers having a bad day and too lazy to strut. We just don't care anymore, it's hot,its muggy. We settle in and contemplate life. Two hours later we are done. I should have been home three hours ago.">

Monday, June 12, 2006

1st storm of '06...
Alberto arrived
Rain has started from the first storm of the year, heavy rain and 77 degrees vs 90 degrees. The dogs are bored, the cat is off sleeping somewhere instead of my desk. Usually it's nice and sunny in our home office even with curtains.
I was going to get my hair cut today, why bother having it cut and styled when it's rainy like this and bound to be all week? I did get my nails done and some waxing done.
Gotta run the animals have decided to chase each other......

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I love my zoo...
Even better it's a petting zoo! And we are actually thinking of getting another dog or cat. I want a pocket puppy or a Saint Bernard. Future hubby wants a pit bull... Mind you I have met some really sweet pit bulls, but I think our Doberman is menacing enough, even if he's not quite "all there". A few clowns short of a circus...If you know what I mean.

So I don't think there will be a new addition to our family any time soon. I really hope we get a roomba for a wedding present, I spend alot of time sweeping dog hair up. Mom's new roomba is cool, the kittens aren't too keen on it, but it keeps them out of her formal living room. Mind you I have vacuum cleaners, including a shop vac, and a shop vac that only works as a blower now. The roomba comes with a remote... oh the possibilities! I'm just worried about it getting to full too fast, two dogs and cat shed lots of hair every day.
I have heard that some people grow so attached to their roomba that's another member of the family to them..what happens if my roomba dies from ingesting to much hair/fur? Will it slowly burn to death from the onside or choke to death..

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The cat dared him. She told him it was candy, and he fell for it...Poor Fletch. He's safely in Rehab now.
June 10 is the start of Hurricane Season. Low and behold, we have our first Tropical Depression headed for Florida on Tuesday. This could be great for curing the drought and the wildfires that have been shutting down I-95 going north and the Beach Line ( aka Bee Line) to Orlando from the East Coast.
I'm hoping that a hurricane doesn't blow through on June 24th (my wedding day). Or on the 26th the day we leave on our honeymoon, a cruise. If it does, we will just have to postpone, which will suck for out of town guests.

Check out

Hurricane Alley
NOAA Forecast Rockledge, FL
GOES Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image
Hmmmm... well my last post didn't work out so well, so I had to go back and delete it. I was hoping to post this really cool website tool/toy all by my little self. I was hoping to impress a techie friend and older sister with my new found knowledge by applying it all over all my posts, setting, sidebars, and personal webpages...
So you ask Me..How's that working out fer ya? Well, not too damn well. I want to be able to do it and do it now. No instructions, no help, nothing but me and my quick mind and nimble fingers. Eyes as sharp as hawks that see all the little mistakes before I hit save and cross my fingers and say damn!
It doesn't help that my cat is sitting on the keyboard tray either leaning on the space key while I use the mouse or sleeping with her head on the mouse as I type.
What can I say she loves her mommy. The beagle hates my headphones that flow from the CPU on the floor to my ear, he likes to step on the cord jerking my head down quickly to the desk!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

2 weeks and three days...until my wedding..and part of an Ani DiFranco song. "Superhero" reminds me of my early 20's , who would have thought ten years later I'd be getting married counting the days and think of this song? It's more of a break up song..


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

BUY MY DRESS Wedding Dress for sale!!! Serious inquires only e-mail

Size 12 w/custom corset back, hemmed for someone 5'-3" to 5'-5" worn with a 2 1/2" heel. Dress has also been bustled and includes a built in mermaid crinoline. Tiara, veil and shoes will be added soon. Dress will not be worn throughout the reception. Dress also comes with a garment bag.

TTQ's Home Page

Indie Bride

Share The Dream

Sell Your Wedding Dress

Jasmine Bridal Collection
Description : Strapless A-line gown, lace with hand beaded trim on bodice and hemline. Shirred organza criss-cross at front waist and ties as a sash in the back Color : White
Fabric : Jasmine Satin and Organza
Style # : C277
size : 12

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where do the questions on the profile come from anyways? Random Questions. Does the Blogger team sit at a conference table and throw the ideas out there while people say oh yeah that's a good one. Is this some kinda psychological test that attempt to categorize bloggers? Maybe I'm a wee bit paranoid, but my mind has never been organized to fit in the constraints of favorite movies, books and music. I mean doe sit really say anything about be me if I am forced to fill in the blanks. It reminds me of the essays "What I did this summer". I mean are you checking for grammar or for content? Should I make it shine and sparkle so you remember me? Maybe I don't want to be remembered, then again maybe I do. Note to self, ask my therapist what he thinks. He'll probably ask me what my answers are, lord knows he loves giving lengthy questionnaire's to me (often the same ones over and over).
Sunday Morning, it doesn't appear that anyone has "discovered" my blog yet. Is there an etiquette to this blogging? Should I e-mail my friends and family and have them check it out? Or should I just wait for the net world to find me.. I could be waiting a long time.
That said it should give me practice in posting my thoughts while I wait for my first comment, but how long should I wait a year, a month? It's been a long time since I randomly let the ink flow on the paper (see even that phrase is a dead giveaway). That was back when I was 21 and keep at journal of all my escapades in the bars and clubs of Ft. Lauderdale. I was rather proud of that journal, I kept it hidden even though I lived alone. However, a boyfriend later began to stay at my apartment and found it. I was furious, so much so that in a temper tantrum I took the journal and tossed it an dumpster and went out to party. He must have been watching from the window, a few months later, he handed it to me and said I should keep writing, that it might someday turn into a viable book. However the ease with which I use to write was gone and I never really tried it again for any long amount of time.