Monday, July 16, 2007

Inbox from Hell

E-mail titles have been getting to me lately, they all just seem so strange , or in the case just downright cruel

From: Hotwire Deals
Subject: Central Florida Hot Fare Alert for TTQ

Duh Hotwire, I know it's hot and you are slashing your prices for deals here..why? Because even the natives can't stand this heat anymore. I'd pass out before going on Space Mountain because it's too hot, too sunny and people are cranky. Trust me, I'm not the only cranky one.


Anonymous said...

Oh, if I could ship some cold your way I'd gladly be rid of it. Not the rain though, we need the rain. But you could have the cold. The sputter and clunk of our tiny a/c unit in the summer is a thin and stretched memory for me now.

Frannie Farmer said...

I can't even imagine -- we got up to 91 here and I thought I would perish ...

Anonymous said...

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