Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fake Bake Not To Be Confused With Shake and Bake

Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears and others go to self-tanning salons where their tan is sprayed on. For those of you that wish to achieve that techno colored orange glow, Here is Fake Bake! Look how sexy the girl on the bottle is! And the bottle so subtly reminds us of an old surfboard. You can get this where, you ask?


Fake Bake

Or you can do as one crazy canuck lurker (Hey You! What Doin!) who suns himself on his balcony year round, and it gets damn cold up there in Calgary.. I swear when he comes to Florida he looks like a native beach bum. I do not, Nuff said.


meno said...

No thanks, orange isn't really my color. :)

kim said...

better than "wake and bake".

Chemistry being what it is, you would think they would have come up with a brown tinted stain by now -- red carpet may get changed to orange carpet freak show.

Note: they do have brown in the temporary wash off stuff -- banana boat and nutragena -- I've used both and they are great if you need a little color but don't want to be orange.

Andie said...

I'm a fan of the mystic tan. It works on me... and I'm so pale it's scary!

soapy t said...

cause it's fake n bake and iiiiiiiiiiiiii haelpt.

i like the l'oreal sublime spray tan. i'm addicted. my feet look dirty, but like i learned from my friend steven, i'd rather look dirty than pale.