Saturday, July 21, 2007

New gadget needed

Okay, so I open up my in box this morning and I have this message from my favorite lurker (Hi!).

Now I know you guys don't have the time for reading the joke that was attached, you probably have an inbox full of them as it is. But the link above is a problem solver for all my lost items. One problem do I keep from misplacing the base? If anything isn't glued or nailed down, essentially it is going to end up in my hand and me wandering off aimlessley and putting it down when something shiny catches me eye. It's just the way I am programmed. This base has a magnetic mounting bracket, so technically I could stick it on the fridge. However, won't you need to carry it around the house as you look for the item which is now flashing and beeping?

And once you found the object you will have now replaced it with your finder. Of course you won't remember where that was, because if you had, the object in question wouldn't have been lost in the first place.


Cyd said...

We got this very product to help out Marie. Only problem -- she can't localize the sound. Even if she lost her keys in a way she knows where to look for them (say, her house as opposed to someplace in a large mall), and the batteries aren't dead and she can hear the high-pitched whine, she can't follow the sound to the keys.

On the upside, she hasn't misplaced the cell phone since we attached the big lumpy tag to it. And we found the previous one she lost so we have a spare just waiting.

kim said...