Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dating In A New Era

Guy meets girl in the bar:

Guy says "Where's your place?"

Girl says "Why, you gonna come over for a visit? Don't you have your own place?"

Guy says: "Oh come on, don't be coy like that, I really want to get to know you"

Girls says: "You want my MySpace address or my Blog address"?

Guy says: "Both"

Girl says "You have to choose, it's the only way I'll give it to you"

Guy says "Then I want your Blog address"

Girl says "Good choice it's"

Guy says "I'll leave you a comment or two, I use the name "GuyinBar"

Girl says "Thanks for the drink"


meno said...

Wonder if she let him "friend" her.

Stucco said...

Whatever happened to the days of a good old-fashioned in-person stalking? Sheesh. There is no romance anymore.

Karina said...

I actually had someone on the w/e come and say to me 'hey your kylie's friend aren't you? I've seen your myspace page'

kimberlie said...

what is the world coming to??
Love it though. Keep em coming!

Frannie Farmer said...

Yikes. Glad I am married ...