Saturday, July 07, 2007


Anna Nicole Smith used her weight as a money maker, Now Paris Hilton aims to use her own line of hair extensions as a money maker. They look very eerily alike.

Photo of Paris holding boxes of her new line... Kinda like Anna Nicole Smith wore a TrimSpa nameplate necklace.


Stucco said...

Wait! Does that mean that Paris Hilton will be dead soon too?

Swishy said...


Are you doing OK? I hope you're doing OK. I am sad too this week. We will snap out of it together!

kim said...

what's with the top 100 technoroti thing?

soapy t said...

i always knew paris was meant for bigger and better things. this is really going to be great for women coming out of prison and helping them find housing and jobs and stuffs. maybe she can sell them off the push carts in jail where she bought her pencils and paper for her journal writing. and for the record i'm so glad paris is okay. and so glad she wore the jeans from her new jean line when she walked out jail and into her whore's i mean mother's arms.