Thursday, November 30, 2006

Even animals need a little cash every now and again.

I found a new blog today, it's written by pets for pets. Okay it's really written by the pet's owners (specifically the mom). None the less, it's pretty cute but kind of sad. The kitty cat has a mass on it's chest and they don't have the money to pay for it to be removed. What this means is the cat will die in matter of months, if she has the surgery, she will have about 5 more years left to her life.

Of course anybody with pets probably already know this, but vets don't do payment plans, all costs are due right away. I've always thought this policy is rather harsh, as a lot of people don't have credit cards or the funds available to pay for it. So basically you have to choose between pawning your belongings, risk getting evicted and well you get the idea..or watching your cat die. Nice huh? So they have added a paypal button on their webpage. Check the site out, it's worth poppin in.

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Brandi said...

TTQ, thank you so much for the link! We all really appreciate it!

-Brandi (The Mom :) )