Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Looking at things upside down

Enough whining!

The dishwasher man is coming today, that's quick turn around time. The bulk trash guys are back today to pick up the piano we dragged to the curb, this is the third trip they have made. I didn't even have to call again like the sticker said on the regualr hobo. The one guy found a stack of pictures in it! One of our deciding factors of getting rid of it was the fact that I was convinced something small and furry is living it. The other one was it would cost a few hundred dollar to restore it and none of us play piano with the exception of my mom, who doesn't live here. Honey's sisters didn't want it so the two of us got it to the curb last week. Ladies use your butt when pushing heavy objects you can get some real momenteum going, great for the thighs too!

I have been comatose since yesterday afternoon, it seemed like nothing was going my way and I was still drained from the holidays. I did make it grocery shopping though, so that was good, and a trip to the bank. Thank god for the internet! I can pay all our bills online today without rushing.
I lost half a pound during my long sleep!

Last real conversation with honey that involved me be coherent enough to to answer him.

Honey: I wish I went to your school.
Me: Huh?
Honey: I would have carried all your books today.
Me: If I had to walk to school today, I wouldn't have made it. I would have sat in the midddle of the sidewalk and cried, I'm so tired.
Honey: I would carry you and your books.

Upate: Piano is gone..Outta here! Yay! Dishwasher man will be here between 2 and 5. I can go get coffee! Today's going to be a good day, tater!

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Manic Mom said...

Ask hubby if he can carry your child when you get pregnant, instead of your books! LOL.