Thursday, November 23, 2006

Don't Be A Hater.


I was around when Karyn had her first blog, it was a daily read. It was like CAN she pull this off? She got me hooked watching her totals, she too matched what she made and it wasn't ALL paid off from readers. It was novel, gutsy and fun! It was like a game and I was rooting for her! I found Leigh Ann's blog through Karyn's new site. Leigh Ann got me hooked into her website with her personality and soon I was rooting for her as well, the thing is..Leigh Ann gave back what she was given ALOT. She would send people with even less money than her gifts, words of encouragement and cash. The really cool part of watching these people learn how to live a new life is seeing them change and transform their priorities becoming better , wiser and stronger people, we can't all go to college for accounting and finance educations, sometimes you have to learn the hard way. Their blogs are part of recovery system, much like any other 12 step program works. The blogs speak to people going through the same problems or ones who have been there before and also other compassionate people who just want to see people do the next right thing and be free.

Sure they could declare bankruptcy, but most people who do that DON'T learn the value of money and budgeting. People who try to turn it around and do something about it seem to learn a whole new set of survival skills. They also learn how to say I don't know and I need help. That's a good thing to know how to do, really. It is so hard for us to put our ego's aside and admit that we are in deep trouble and we don't like it so much. In fact it kinda sucks. But they never have to feel that way again ever.

Be good to yourself, play nicely with others and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Andie said...

I was excited for Karyn AND Leighann. I'm so glad that got out of their debt!

Hope you had a nice holiday!