Thursday, November 09, 2006

These are the two rings I have picked out. (I think) I'm going to go and try them on tomorrow, The small one I can wear with my engagement ring and wedding ring all on the same finger (Thus satisfying his desire for me to have a bigger wedding ring). The larger ring I will wear on my right ring finger ( which is what I wanted a right hand ring). I think I will buy them WITHOUT him knowing and put them in a box under the tree with his name on, inside will be the rings wrapped with instructions for him to give me the small wrapped gifts. That way it will be a surprise for at least one of us!


Swishy said...

Those are both GORGEOUS!!!

Andie said...

I love love love the smaller thin one. It would look awesome with my wedding set.

(my engagement ring was an emerald cut sapphire)

TTQ said...

The small thin one is going to be with my wedding set.