Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The story of Me (As I know it, Cyd please correct me or add to it)

It was a snow storm 10 days after Christmas,The early evening drive to the hospital was difficult and my sisters were left behind to be cared for at neighbors house ( the story get conflicting answers here), it turns out I popped out like a champagne cork, though in those days and probably still she had to stay overnight. I'm not sure where my father was and it is entirely possible that he was at the hospital with my sisters who helped named me. I grew up being told and thinking I was named after a tug boat on Cape Canaveral, a family member on my dad's side and a few other colorful stories by my father. I was my mother's 4 child she had two other daughters living from her first marriage, and a son from the same man. He did not survive very long after his birth. I was my father's 2nd child, he had one son who was already in his 20's.
Apparently the weather was so severe in Philadelphia at the time that nobody came out to visit the new baby to the hospital or the house. My mother was 34. The Dr's had given her the option on whether she would want to go through with this pregnancy, she choose me and all the risks.
My oldest sister Cyd is nine years older than I am, Heather is 6.
The year was 1976, the bicentinnel


Cyd said...

Just a few modifications. I think I'm really only about 8 years (and 2 months) older than you. As I edge into midlife crisis, every little bit counts. The way I remember it, I was the one who picked your name, Linda, because it was Spanish for beautiful. I also thought Linda Lynn would be a great name and was vetoed. So as much as you don't like what you got it could have been worse -- what do you expect, I was 8!

Here's a story you may not have ever heard. We had two gerbils, Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie was fat, Clyde was skinny. I think Bonnie was fat because she was pregnant when we got her. I'm not even sure that Clyde was male, just not pregnant. While you were being born, there was a period of a few days when Mom was not home to feed and water them and the rest of us were of course deadbeats. So Clyde (who was skinnier) died. I felt terrible.

It was definitely snowy. There was an incident close to the end of her pregnancy where Mom slipped on ice in a parking lot and fell; we were all worried about her and you.

TTQ said...

Okay my name is much better. The slip on the ice may explain alot.. she fell on my head. I wonder just how many gerbils and hamsters we went through as kids??

Anonymous said...

Ahhh 1976 a year I remember well. That was the year that my sister, Cindy got married. We were getting ready to move to North Carolina(my mom, dad and me.) So we were trying to sell the house, get ready to move and get ready for a wedding at said house at the same time. I was in the wedding. The one and only time I have ever been in a wedding.

So your sister, Cyndy, is almost the same amount of years older than you and my sister, Cindy. Kewl!

My middle name is Lynn....what's wrong with Lynn? :-)