Monday, November 06, 2006

Sibling Rivalry.

Today is Cyd's birthday Nov 6, but I won't tell you the year. She's my oldest sister and she is also the only family member privileged enough to read my blog. My birthday is the 5th of Jan right at the end of all the holidays....Yup everybody is broke, cranky, and in no mood to celebrate one more thing. Cyd on the other hand has her birthday when people are gearing up to the holidays. The stores started Christmas displays at the end of Aug and by the day after Halloween the whole Christmas section is ready to go. People are itching to start the celebrating, and even want to put their tree up already (though that will have to wait, because your husband said the neighbors will think I am crazy).

Cyd and I use to say June 5th could be my birthday since that was smack dab in the middle of a whole lot of nothing. Then she upped and got married. That was the end of that. It was sorta like when I was in grade school and she left for college. I couldn't understand that the girl whose leg I use to cling to , could go away and leave me with (at the time, not now) a middle sister who wanted nothing to do with me. That's not entirely true, I'm sure I had some part in her attitude towards me. I missed Cyd terribly, I would send her drawings that I made special for her, I would help mom pack a care package or two. I couldn't wait for the holidays. ( see there they are, the holidays again) Cyd would bring me cool books like "Where the Side Walk Ends". I loved all those books and that they were MINE!! Not the libraries, not one of the hand me downs that smelled all musty. It would have the new book smell like fresh cut grass and school chalk. I like the way a hardcover cracks it's spine, like when you crack your fingers. We would read the books together, she would leave me at night to go to see friends, but that was ok, I knew I would see her every day until the holidays end.

So Happy Birthday Cyd, you rock!


r martini said...

This blog post was cool....really cool. I was the older one leaving and didn't realize the impact on my little bro.

Now I try to figure out how to handle with my own two kids.

BTW....I'll blog again this are so cute when your mean! Just kidding.....about the mean.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I remember when my sister left the house and I felt abandoned. This reminded me of it! Thanks!

Cyd said...

Aw shucks. What can I say? I never realized. r martini, you have a good point. My two boys are very close and it is going to be very hard on them both when it is time to go separate ways. Will they ever stop sharing a bunk bed?

Hey, you said I rock!

Cyd said...

By the way, your link to my blog goes back to your own blog. Freudian slip?

And I wonder, reading each other's blogs guarantees we won't say anything too nasty about each other, eh? I guess you should ask cat :-)

Cyd said...
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