Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Am I really that hard to buy for?

Honey is scared to buy my Christmas present. He wants to give me jewelry, I like jewelry. I showed him a few items online I liked.
He said "Will you buy it now? Online, so you know they won't run out"
'"Sigh." But that isn't the point I moan!
"Yeah but you will just return it, and I'll be sad"
Ok, so the 2nd piece of jewelry he gave me, I returned and exchanged for one that didn't snag on clothing, practical, so I could wear it 24/7. The one he gave me snagged and BROKE when It got stuck on something.. Here we go again on this..
"That's why I'm giving you ideas, you can pick one of those or something similar."
"You don't have to be so mean about it," he pouts.
"Why do you think I put an icon to my wish list on Amazon on YOUR computer?"
"But if I buy something online, you will know from the statements and the delivery man"
"So go to the store and pick out something like it"
" I like Garnets"
"See, that's my birthstone" I am not a big fan of garnets, but I keep my trap shut. I will wear one if he gives me on.
"Opals are nice too, I like Opals" um yuck..I really don't care for opals but I keep my trap shut. I'll wear one if he gives me one.
"I want you to have a bigger wedding ring, with more stones and more..well just more" he tries.
"I like my wedding ring, for real, I don't care if it is big or not, seriously honey"
"I can't even pick out a shirt you like" he says. I got a sweater for my first Valentine's with him. I did not return it. I have even worn it maybe four times.

We tried going to the jewelry store together and it was too much pressure for me to decide what I wanted right then and there. I'd try something on he would look at briefly and say "Buy it now. Will you buy it now? Please?. Me? I really just want it to be a surprise . The whole finding something under the tree that he picked out for me whatever reason..hopeless romantic or demanding housewife....


Swishy said...

Awww ... at least he tries! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hubby and I went through a period where we didn't buy each other anything for birthdays or Christmas. I finally told him I was tired of it last year. I bought him something and he bought me something.

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