Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Coversation with Mom.

Mom: I wish you had photoshop when I got my passport renewed. Then I could have had this picture (see below) instead of the lousy one they took at CVS. Hey! When does YOUR passport expire?
Me: This January.
Mom: You got that when we went to France? No wait before that.. And you went with somebody else . Right! You got it when you ran off the England with that horrible British guy!
God, TTQ the things you used to do.
Me: Would you have rather I never LIVED at all? I mean like just existing, you know in a CONVENT or something?
Mom: No, you do have some colorful tales.
Me: Thanks Mom.

Cyd, here is a trivia question! What was the name of the guy who went out to eat with us at a Mexican restaurant to meet everyone for the first time. The one who said "I'm (meaning him) pregnant, You know how I know? The trunk is showing!"

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