Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Blues

1) The scale says I have gained 4 lbs since Wed, actually Thursady Morning.
2) Our dishwasher broke again over the weekend, the damn thing isn't even 6 months old.
3) I have to wait at the house from 8-5 all day Tuesday for diswasher repairman, which means no exercise, except for cleaning the house and wrapping presents.
4) I have one day to acomplish all my errands since I couldn't do anything since Wed and I am now tied to the house tomorrow.
5) We have no fresh food in the house which means I have to go to two grocery stores not one.

The good news: We got fired up yesterday afternoon and split dishes and laundry. I took laundery, honey took dishes (score for me!) I even got to do a light sweeping of most of the house which took care of the big tufts of pet hair, today and tomorrow Roomba will come out and do the easy rooms, I'll shop vac the big areas and the regular vac can do the orientals. Roomba doesn't like the orientals, it eats the fringe and starts bleeping at me.

I will drink plenty of coffee as I do my errands, and try to make a 12 o'clock lunch date. It's four shots of espresson over ice topped with whipped kinda day maybe two f those, I will have to be scraped off the ceiling and and at some point will come in for a crash landing..but oh well.


Cyd said...

Sorry to hear about the dishwasher.

Hang in there! And look at this nice friendly photo. Should calm you right down.

We spent an hour last night wrestling with a blind that was supposed to take 15 minutes to install. Two down, three more to go.

Busy work week ahead for me.

Swishy said...

Mondays suck, huh? How is the Roomba? Does it really work?

Karitown said...

Sounds like my life;))) But add 4 kids. Yikes. Find some time to rest.

Anonymous said...

I SO WANT A ROOMBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TTQ said...

Roomba is awesome, you gotta keep an eye for it though, it steals stuff and hides it like cell phone chargers! And it does manage to get in the damndest places and get stuck and starts beeping like a caged animal.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow you sound busy!!! i'd be buggered to!!!!!!

I've moved my blog to hope to see you there...