Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm goin back to Cali'

Actually, I'm not goin back to Cali' but my oldest nephew made a recent jaunt to the West Coast. He's sportin his baseball hat with the proper bend and angle. Hollywood watch out!


marinamode said...

Hi. Take a look on my blog
Marina (from France)

jagular said...

Marina: That is a very nice shoe blog. Very French.

TTQ: Make sure he takes lots of pictures while he is there.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed having your nephews and sister and brother-in-law at my house. We had a great day watching the parachuters (my daughter wants to do that some day! Crazy, I say!) and going to the mountains and seeing snow. Something they see all the time but I do not. I made the mistake of throwing a crappy snowball at one of them. They were much better snowball maker than I am! Tee hee!

TTQ said...

Oh and all these picture's were taken by Cyd, there is a link to her on my main page. Cyanorax.

Sorry I stole them from you w/o permission..