Friday, November 24, 2006

Let it snow!

Winter finally hit Florida this week, it actually SNOWED a few days ago, flurries mind you but still newsworthy. In fact was so cold that a few days I didn't want to get it into the shower for fear of coming out and being ultracold. All the animals who usually snuggle against me no matter what the weather have been keeping my head (the cat), my chest and arms (the beagle) and my legs and feet (the doberman) warm. Not like in the summer time when I try to move them gently off me. Poor honey gets one whole half of the bed to I get half a bed and three animals.


jagular said...

Ummm. You said "whole half".

TTQ said...

I know I love doing that, just silly I guess.

Cyd said...

And then there's the "whole 'nother" thing. That's my favorite.