Thursday, November 02, 2006

Meet my Peeps! I love Peeps, I love that we can get Peeps on most holidays now. I love that they are always left after Halloween at 75% off at Target. I like candy corn too. But mostly Peeps.


Ben O. said...

Peeps rock!

I love peeps for any holiday they are sold. Keep 'em coming, Baby!

Ben O.

Anonymous said...

Blech! I don't like peeps! Too sugary for me. They are cute to look at though.

Cyd said...
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Cyd said...

My ears are burning -- look closely at photo four! Is this some sort of candy corn & peeps voodoo ritual?

(edited because I can't count)

TTQ said...

Mmm. yah that's what it is.. it's almost your b-day and I was making sure I had the address right. If this box doesn't get mailed I'm just going to keep adding to it, you are the one that wouldn't open it when you were here. *sigh*