Sunday, November 12, 2006

The other option is to learn how to keep a secret from him.

Cyd- before you read this, you have to take an oath to keep this to yourself!

So yeah, we decorated the first tree of the season today. Mom had us over for dinner so we could put up her tree. This year she has two kittens who are huge and mischievous, so in the picture, you may notice that the bottom third of the tree has almost no decorations..

On the way over to her house I noticed bucket trucks out and hanging the decorations on some of the light posts. My tree will go up the day after Thanksgiving as per tradition in our family. This will be Honey and I's third Christmas together, though it will be our first Christmas married.

We gave each other our presents last night, we suck at keep things to ourselves, we really can't lie to one another so very transparent when we do. I set up his new computer last night. I really wanted to wait till Christmas to give it to him, I swear. I got my rings, which I am refusing to wear until Christmas day. I put them back in their boxes and hid them away, I'm still going to wrap them and put them in larger boxes and wrap those with the notes inside for him to give me the smaller boxes. So now Honey said he is going to get me more stuff for Christmas, because I was bitching and moaning about us not having anything for Christmas now. That wasn't the point of my complaining though, I said if you had just let me put the tree up already, we could have had Christmas last night with a tree and all.

I like waking up on Christmas and opening presents, and I love to watch people open gifts too. So next year, I think I'll have everything (the big and good gifts) delivered to Mom's house and she can put them under her tree. I'll just put the small for fun gifts under our tree here. The other option is to learn how to keep a secret from him.

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