Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm so vain..I probably think this blog is about me..

Yesterday an older gentleman I know, looked at me and said how many closets do you have? I had to think about it..ummm 4. Unless you count the master bedroom which we don't sleep in, that is my dressing room, which could be counted as a closet. This man had me pegged, maybe because he has had 5 wives including a Miss Tennessee (and what beauty queen only has one closet?). So today as I tried on a cute pair of shoes, I had to stop and think about all the cute shoes in my closet with price tags still on them. I put them back on the rack. I may have to start the enforcing the rule: For every new piece of clothing or shoes I bring home, I have to get rid of one item in my closet. I did that for awhile and it seemed to work out well. Just something to think about..

While I was driving home I started pushing on my nose towards my left eye. The deviated septum is towards the right eye. If it got that way from me mushing my face against the sliding glass doors and bus windows as a kid, maybe I can get it to go back the way it is suppose to be....

The weird thing is today I had very "grown up" errands to do. Banking, paying property taxes and finding out what we need to put the house in my name... They let anybody grow up these days. Now I'm going to attempt the chores that I suck at, mopping the floor, and cleaning the ceiling fans. I think I will look into having someone come do that once every two or three weeks, but it is hard with all the animals.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have fun stuff to do! I always put on music and it doesn't seem so bad to clean the house!