Friday, November 03, 2006

Blue Moon Firiday Night

I was flippin through Cyd's Flickr Pro pics and this one popped out of it's thumbnail and said "Look at Me!". My first thought was "She did not just take a picture of a roadside memorial!" The poor kid was probably all of ten and his mother visits the grave every day and lights the candle in the blue votive so that it will shine through the night and he won't be scared... And it made me very sad. Just the picture made me think of loneliness, loss, grieving and the beauty of blue all at the same time. Blue is not my favorite color but I do like the feeling blue invokes in me. The picture on the right was taken in the townhouse in Ft. Lauderdale, where I lived until coming to the Cocoa Beach area. This picture makes me sad too. I picked out the carpet and the wall lights because I wanted the blue and white to mingle like you were climbing stairs up to clouds in the sky. I never spent any time downstairs, where the tile floor was white and cold. I wanted to be in the heavens with the afternoon sunlight streaming through the skylight and the windows in the front. The back bedroom was like a tree house, the trees had grown just high enough to block the view to second story windows so the shades could be up all day and nobody could see in, but I could see out. During the last year of my living there I couldn't even see out anymore, so I left the blinds down and made the master bedroom a cocoon. If I had had the need for sunlight, I would just switch bedrooms. That wasn't very often, the thing about living in South Florida is that the sun shines all year around, seasons come and go without any changes to mark natures new growth.


Cyd said...

Rest assured, it wasn't a roadside memorial, it was just a simple geocache filled with random junk. Just happened to be all blue when I got to it.

TTQ said...

Did you cover the stuff up with the bucket? So the bear doesn't get all icky?

Cyd said...

All the stuff goes back in the bucket which has a nice tight lid. So it should be all cozy in there.