Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Story of You.

How much do you know about the year you were born? Did you have brother's and sisters? Were you the 1st child, the last child, or the only child? What was the weather like that day? I'm looking to see how many people have been told the story of their time in the womb and the first couple of months. More specifically, who was your mom before kids? was she the same, or did her life do a 360 once kids came in the picture? Please blog a post on this, or e-mail me if you prefer. Leave me a comment saying you are going to use this a blog topic.

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Save Sheila said...

I was never told; now both my parents are gone and I will never know. I have older brothers and a sister, but they aren't old enough to remember. Sometimes we just don't realize the things we would like to know until it's too late! I was loved; that's all that matters now.

Swishy said...

My mom was a BABY when she had me ... almost 21. She didn't even have time to live yet!

Hotwire said...

i was adopted so i have 2 stories - the birth and the adoption. apparently the orphanage in between was the bad part because they had too many babies and not enough staff so they would use phenobarbitol to keep us quiet.

the birth was to a single woman who already had one child and couldn't afford a second, let alone the first. i know her now and she rocks. the adoption sounded funny because my parents got a call out of the blue and they had to run to the store on the way to pick me up in order to get diapers, food, etc. the way they tell it it sounded like it was a riot.

Anonymous said...

I wrote on my blog about me and my mama.

jagular said...

I was a "midnight run" to the hospital. 90 mph through the streets, in the rain. And not a single policeman in sight.
But as it happened, I was breech, so I was born under general anesthesia.
I had a full head of hair when I was born and I laid in the little crib blowing spit bubbles.