Friday, January 26, 2007

A brief Interruption

I will be on Vacation with no computer until next Friday! Have a great week!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello operator give me # 9

Ahh, who doesn't want the latest and the greatest new cell phone? How about a Prada Phone, a David Beckham Motorazr, or perhaps a an aroma phone, yep that's right a nicely scented phone to relax you during stressful hectic phone calls...

Check them out here and there are more than I

And of course Vertu has come out with yet another outrageously priced cell phone.

What's there really to know here? Small luxury phone manufacturer goes insane, slaps a pair of hugemongous diamonds, two emeralds and 439 rubies on to an absolutely garish cobra, glues it to a lame-ass phone and sells the setup for $310,000? Pretty much. We can only take solace in the fact that only 8 of these Signature Cobra phones will be made by Vertu and its partner in crime, French jeweler Boucheron. There's also a "cheap" version, the $115k Signature Python, which is due for a production run 26 strong, but if you're actually going to spring for something this ridiculous, why not go all the way, right?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This is not my chair

Recently my mom got a new desk and a new chair. She gave me her old chair plus one that came with the desk. I figured great now we will have two real office chairs, two that will suffice until we upgrade and buy nice leather chairs for our new desk (s) that we don't have yet, it's kinda hard to find two desks that will fit into our office side by side any better than we have now, but in any case I would like them to match.

Honey takes my wing back chair away and puts it in the foyer which is basically empty. He then puts the office chair at my desk, I sit down and l start to have cold sweats, my heart starts racing, I'm scared. I do not like this chair at all, it doesn't recline, I can't fit crosslegged into it, there are no cushions to stick things into, this just won't do. Honey looks at me and says are you having a "spell" which is what he calls my anxiety attacks. Yes, I squeak, I don't like this chair, this is not my chair. Would you like your old chair back? Yes, please and please hurry.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Goodbye Wedding Dress

On Thursday I will be purging closets, to take the "good" stuff to a upscale consignment shop in Ft. Lauderdale. Among those things, one will be my wedding dress, shoes and veil. I'm not going to have kids and with Florida humidty and hurricanes well it's just not practicle to keep. I offered it to one of my neices who recently got engaged but she didn't think she would ever get in to it. My sister's daughter has been offered a cash buy out instead of a wedding, plus I can't imagine that she is interested. So why not make a couple of hundred dollars if I can? Honey is sad, he wishes I would keep it. That said, we have had the conversation a few times and he knows I will do what I want anyway. But I will keep my Tiara, because a worthwhile Temper Tantrum Queen should always have one on hand. My mom instantly caught on to that, she said a Princess of the House, huh? Yes, mam. If I knew how to start the lawnmower, I would mow the lawn in it.

What no e-mails?

Yesterday's post was to generate some e-mails from two of my readers. Only you guys didn't bite. So much for my fishing expedition.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh oops ..My Bad!

So I leave for Vacation on Friday not Monday. Whooops. So much to do so little time. Fuck it

I stopped my medication well two of them anyways, just curious to see what would happen. Mmm'yeah won't do that again. (Until the memory fades and I forget what happens).

Forgot to pay electric bill, did you know they call you with a nice recording now? I didn't.

Painted one toenail purple. I don't know why. The oops part? No polish remover because I usually get my nails done. My husband was aghast. (That was actually fun) Owwwwwwww. My toenail is going to fall off! You stepped on it last night! Don't you remember?

My house is in shambles. Except the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. What do you mean we have a four bedroom house? I thought it was a one bedroom apartment, Honestly I never noticed the other rooms...

Bought a one way airline ticket to Maryland for when I get back from Vacation. From there I plan on buying a one way ticket to Calgary, from there I'm thinking Atlanta...but maybe New York City. I dunno I'll bring a passport, I need it for Canada anyways.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mommy! Bring me a Cookie!

This is Fletch. In his e-collar. I call it is cone head costume. I mean what the hell is an e-collar? It's not an express card for the toll roads. They call those e-passes. It's more of a bulldozing collar, if he doesn't like something he just moves it on out of his way. He is getting pretty good at it, my little devil of destruction in a cone head. His box was lined with wrapping paper and had a tiny disco ball hanging above it, he has since bulldozed the paper off and the disco ball would smack the top of the collar when he would go in, so I had honey yank it down for now. I'm thinking he's pretty pissed off that the bathroom got redone in wallpaper and the bathroom is pretty much BabyFred's hideout. So, I will redecorate his home for him when the collar comes off for good. I will be glad when it goes away, he can't slip and worm his way under the covers now, he can flip them back and off of us to get in though. Also, he uses it to scoop poop, that's disgusting. But on the other hand his bowel movements are under his control again, for the most part. Which is pretty exciting since farts scare him, especially his own, the first few nights after surgery, all this excess gas would erupt from his bottom and he would jump up and look for a place to hide and basically freak out keeping us up. Oh and the first night he also managed to poo on everything. That was fun. By night two the other kids (Zeus & Babyfred) were getting pretty clingy on me too. I looked at Honey and said this really makes you want to have triplets huh? He said it wouldn't bother me, none of these guys even know I exsist. Rub it in baby. Rub it in. I went to Wal-mart on a Saturday to have some space. I don't like Wal-mart to start with. And I HAD a rule, no Wal-mart on Saturday EVER.

Oh and did I mention that I have to wipe his bum everytime he goes poo? And put anti-body cream on his long incisions around his bum? He managed to pull out two stitches, but the wound is closed and the vet said he wouldn't need to restitch it, it will just scar more this way, purely estetic problem. So I don't have to take him to Melbourne to have him resewn.

Happy note: I leave for Vacation on the 29th . YAY! Just a girls (Mom and I) trip to Ft. Lauderdale. I've been gone for two years now from there, I had to move up here for health reasons. Who knew I would get married and never go back?? The reason I know I'm not going back, my husband wouldn't live anywhere but here and I don't think my mom would either. And I would be all alone with no blood relatives in the area. Which was cool in my 20's.....but those CRAZY days are behind me.. Look for my memoirs someday.. (after I write them)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

How To Catch A Butterfly

But there are other blessings that will be ours only if we stop chasing after them and let them come to us, like the butterfly that eludes our grasp when we try to catch it, but comes to perch on our shoulder when we stop chasing it and sit still.
Harold Kushner

All Things Sweet

Honey Bear, Honey Bee, Honey Pot, Honey Jar, PB & Honey, HoneyDo

Honey is confused. Most people who read this know when I saw Honey, I mean my husband. I know who I mean, but that's not what I call him in real life. In real life I am Honey. Among another nicknames that are just to sappy to list. So he was reading over my shoulder when I wrote the post about Babyfred kickstarting the vacum, and he said "wait a minute". Then read it again. He said "I'm Honey?". Yep. " I can't be Honey YOU are Honey" Well, you are here, on my blog. "Why?" Because, I'm not keen on Hubby, it rhymes with chubby. "But YOU are Honey" Not on my blog I'm not, got a better name to use? "I'm Daddy!" No, No you are not, that's what the kids (our pets) call you, not me.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Down, Down, Down

baker baker baking a cake
make me a day
make me whole again
and i wonder what's in a day
what's in your cake this time
Tori Amos
Baker Baker
Tori Amos

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jumpstart My Heart

Babyfred almost killed us all. I'm checking my e-mail and just about to click on the weather updates, Honey is on the phone with his sister and Zeus is stalking Babyfred, all of sudden he lunges, so she lunges and lands on the on button for the vacum cleaner, not the Roomba, but the noisy old-fashion kind that you step on to make it start. It ROARS to life and the cat comes flying at my keyboard, the dog is freaked and Honey doesn't know how to turn the damn thing off. Just how I like to relax after a long night spent up with Fletch who is home from his surgery, and a long day in Orlando getting a cat scan... Honey is checking his pants because he thinks he may have shit himself. I'm laughing and I can't stop. Now that we have had about 5mins to recover, I want to get step on the on button again. Just for kicks.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bulls On Parade

For those of you who use Flickr you are probably aware of the 365 Days Group, if not, the basic premise is that you take and post a picture a day for 365 Days. Okay easy enough right? Nope. It's hard looking at yourself and then giving it to the net to critique. Every day. PMS, pre-mature balding, the biggest pimple known to mankind all of those things will be documented by photographs, sure you can photoshop it but the fact is you will pose, take the picture and see the pre-photoshopped image. Every day for a year. Did I mention every day? Most bloggers hide behind fake names and cute pictures that coyly hint at who they may be or who they want to present to the world. 365 Days puts you out there for real. End of story. That's Y.O.U. O.N. D.I.S.P.L.A.Y .

My feelings on 365 days is that it can be artistic, narcissistic, or self discovery (istic), or maybe a little of each. I have hundreds of shots I haven't put on Flickr and the ones I have are in the set "self-portraits". I usually like the expressions on my face or pose as they correspond with my ever changing moods, but this project isn't for everyone, I have totally been freaked out by how ugly I can appear on certain days. Maybe it's just my mood when I view them or maybe they really do look like mug shots. I don't take it seriously, so I just borrowed the concept and applied my own rules... It is what it is.. It's amazing how beautiful some of the shots when I'm in a dark mood can be, I find those much more interesting than the calm, cool, collected sane day pictures. Honey's fav picture of recent is from a dark set and he uses it as a desktop background.. I think the appeal is exotic, complicated, and a desire to find out what makes me tick... We were going through some of the old ones and he said Don't get me wrong but you look horrible in those pictures and you know I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I wasn't offended I was too busy staring at these pictures with the same look a person might look at a train wreck. Who in the hell is that? Is that really me? Is it the angle , the lighting, a vitamin deficiency? I don't know you, this is not the same person I see when I look in the mirror. Am I ugly or am I pretty? Or just a girl, any girl the kind you might not even see because she blends into the wall, and if you do notice her, do you think oops, bad genes for sure, poor thing. And you shudder and move on.

So instead of joining the 365 days officially, I'm a renegade 365 day'er. A sometimes pretty, sometimes grotesque yahoo with a camera and alot of time on my hands..and that's ok.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Le Border Is Up

The Waiting Game

The Surgeon called at about 8:45, he's ready to start Fletch's surgery. He feels good about it. So I don't have to drive down to Melbourne to meet with him, I'm waiting on the nurse to call me back with the new estimate..I wish we had pet insurance, but we don't and Fletch has many years left in him even though he's an "older" dog. So..we have no option but to scrape the money together. I keep a seperate savings and checking for big ticket life events, like property taxes, emergency's and what not, the bad news..after Christmas it's not very much and my personal savings for whatever I want is also at the lower end. So actual quick access cash is limited, we will have until the middle of Feb. to get it sorted out. Very scary, but it did prompt us to apply for a home equity loan, an idea we had been tossing about for awhile ( My car would be officially retired and our house would get painted among other things). Today is a holiday so we can't get any quick answers.
I'm trying to hang in there, but I really feel like I'm about to pass out from fear/anxiety.Anxiety attacks suck, but this might be worse.
Okay the vet's office just called we are up to $3467.00 which thank god, is not higher than the high end of the first estimate which was $4,755.00. She said if he comes home tomorrow we would even get a credit possibly..but either case $3467.00 is a bit easier to swallow. Okay I have to go to Orlando and get my barium for Wednesdays test. And hopefully Fletch comes home tomorrow so I can go get him and hang out with him all day, Zeus is going to have to be restrained from jumping all over him.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It Doesn't Take Much

Fruity Pebbles make me happy. I don't have any right now. But I do have gummy bears. No, I'm not 5.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Get Well, Get Well Soon

My oldest baby went in for emergency surgery today. Fletch, our Beagle developed a hernia that his bladder poked into. The little guy is very brave and was in good spirits but had swelling that prompted us to take him in this morning. Our regular vet took some x-rays and confirmed what he thought it was and was nice enough to call another animal hospital that does specialty work and give them a run down on what they found, so Honey drove Fletch down to Melbourne as I haven't been feeling well either. The vet called us at about 8:00 tonight and said that the first attempt and less evasive attempt did not work (they tried to poke his bladder back out in hopes that it would stay out once the bladder was emptied), so Monday we have to go meet with the specialty surgeon. This comes at a rough time as I have had a busy month myself with Doctors, so far this year I have an ultrasound, bloodwork , two doctor's appointments and next Wed I have an MRI. So it's been crazy the last two weeks, the drive to and from Orlando gets old after awhile. My husband has the flu and can't seem to shake it and was home two days from work this week (He has never taken a sick day in years), he wanted to take time off with me for the MRI, but I assured him that they weren't going to give me any info that day and it's just like getting an ultrasound, painless except for the nasty barium junk you have to drink and a small pinch when they inject the contrast dye. Still, he's trying to convince me to take someone with me, but really I'm not up for spending two hours (an hour each way) in the car with a friend having to carry on a conversation.
The tricky part now is my Dr's and tests are in Orlando which is north and west, and Fletch is in Melbourne which is south. I was going to go pick up the barium on Monday in Orlando, but I have to go to Melbourne to meet with the surgeon in the morning. So I guess I will have to go to Orlando on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Honey will have to get Fletch if he is to come home on Tuesday or Wed.

And that is what's going on with me, what's up in your world? Please share, I need the diversion. First person to make me laugh wins 80 bajillion dollars.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fake...Can You Tell The Difference?

One of these pictures I am not happy... I'm faking it. Which is which? This 365 days thing is hard. I must have taken 10 photos today, I hate them all.(Agggh! Delete! Delete!) One of these is from today and is the least grungy of those 10. I had to crop the toothpaste on my arm's been there all day, luckily it was cooler today and I had a long sleeve shirt on.

It's been a busy day and everything on my mind was bleeding into the pictures and not in a good way.

But tonight we get Grey's Back , CSI is new and the OC is new. Yay!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No It's Not.

Babyfred notes the grungy paste covered floor.
Doorknob is not my new glass one.
Babyfred making sure the wall is straight
Babyfred notes the missing wallpaper border.
This would be an ok shot if the ceiling vent was in.

It's not until I say so. (And Babyfred)
Finished that is.

We hung the big mirror up in the bathroom and put the new medicine cabnet in this afternoon. Honey says "Your bathroom is done". Um no, no it's not. "What?" We still have to put the border up. "No, we aren't putting it up" Yes, yes we are. And the towel bars, the toilet paper holder, the glass doorknobs, the new door stopper thingy, the ceiling vent cover and the over the tank shelves need to be put together last. So no we are soooooooooo not done. I haven't stripped the floor either. And I want a hook in the shower to hang a fern on. The border really has to go up it has the yellow that ties it all together..But really I think we have done a good job doing it ourselves and all for probably less than $500.00. Okay I really don't know how much it all adds up to, I just bought things along the way since it wasn't a weekend project. Here are the before Pics.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Like You! - Amy Sedaris

A interview with Amy Sedaris on her new book: "I Like You!:Hospitality Under The Influence"

Superficially Yours

Today, I'm going to blog about my bathroom remodeling, not because I think anyone has an overwhelming urge to read about the process of wallpaper being hung, but because my brain is cluttered with some new information that's actually kinda scary and I haven't quite made sense of it all. So, this is what you get new wallpaper, two new towel bars, a new toliet paper holder and new glass doorknobs. Oh and charming over the tank organizer made of white wood and has three shelves to hold all my fou fou bubbles, salts and various elixers mixed tastefully with some frames and small floral arrangements. It feels good to be at the end of one project. I have two other rooms in mid-work and shopping is hard when you try for three rooms that aren't the same motif. It really is easier to work room by room with no overlapping. You can really focus on the theme or inspiration at hand. So I have a feeling I will be focusing on the bathroom for the rest of the week, it's all I can handle. I wasn't going to blog, but I'm trying to make this a regular routine of writing something other than a grocery list every day. I managed to do it over the holidays, so I imagine I can keep it up. If I had a laptop, I would blog from my bathroom, which is designed to peaceful and cheery. Even though the border isn't up yet and we still have no mirrors in there. Finished pics will be along shortly (cross your fingers).

Monday, January 08, 2007

On Being Perfect

Once upon my life, I wanted to be perfect. Nowadays as I comprehend the frailties of human emotions, not so much. See I could pretend I was perfect or maybe even believe that I am perfect, in either case, I'm sure I would end up being locked in facility for observation. If I believe I am perfect, well than I have some very delusional thoughts that at some point will come sreeching to a halt when my life falls apart, maybe at first just being fired for the first time, which I could would always say it was "mutual" and really, I'm destined for bigger and better things than that crappy job.Then say I pick up some bad habits along the way, a cocktail before noon (it's five o'clock somewhere right?). And then I meet this great guy in the little "bistro" I frequent to read the help wanted ads while sipping a Campari and soda. Along the way this guy chips on my perfect veneer, not to get to know me any better, but perhaps just so he feels superior. Eventually, I go from believing I am perfect to believing I am nothing without him. One psychosis exchanged for another. I have gone from delusions of grandeur to feelings of inadequacies. By now I may or may not be aware of this.. Either case I'm screwed. And perfect people don't get screwed..remember their perfect right?

Fast forward a few years and you have managed to mostly survive, some wear and tear but mostly all of it is hidden inside . Not in the vault though, I have trusted confidants, a therapist and a psychaitrist. My family? Not so much, they saw enough when I was going through it. Which isn't to say they don't care, because they do alot. My husband? And here is the crux of the matter, my husband thinks I'm perfect. That's an idea I gave up about a decade or so ago. I can not be comfortable being perfect, I'm human. Anyone who thinks someone else is perfect is in for a let down eventually. Inevitable. Unavoidable, high probabilty and then what happens?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

My husband is a junk food pusher! He's on the dark side, eating nitrates, (salami,hotdogs, deli ham) fried chicken, american cheese,potato salad, just to name a few. He tried tempt me on my birthday, (In fact I even told my mom no when she offered to take me out the day before my Birthday). So yeah, I turned down eating two fattening meals out. I think my Doctor really did plan this appt to be right after the holidays knowing full well that I would stick to my diet, because my blood work and my weight would be the tell-tale indicators if I didn't. I would think he is pure evil if he didn't care so much, I see him about every other month and have been doing that and sometimes more for 2 and half years) . So yeah the 5 lbs I was complaining I gained from Thanksgiving to Christmas are gone. I've been very very good (sigh). However I have gotten over all my cravings that were sparked by rich roods over the Holidays. I read somewhere that as long as you still have crappy food in your digestive track, blood and intestines you will still crave them. Once you detox your body with veggies, fruits, and lots of fresh ginger and garlic and the last traces are gone you will feel alot better. I know I'm detoxed now and it feels good . I've had two doughnuts sitting in front of me literally all day, why? Because Honey brought them to me with my Sunday coffee. Traitor. He's trying to swart my plan of being uber healthy. Actually, I think he's afraid that if turn into a hardcore fulltime vegetarian, I will suddenly sprout birkenstocks, and grow my hair on my legs and underarms (not that there is anything wrong with that (*wink* to you know who you are, ahem)). He associates that type of style (an oxymoron, don't ya think?) with die hard liberals. Honey is a proud Republican, me? I'm non party affiliated.
So anyway back to the detox diet, it's a good thing once you get the hang of it and ride out the first two weeks or so. He thinks I'm doing it mainly for weight reasons, I'm doing it per Doctors orders, so Tuesday will be my first report since before the Holidays. Mom said I could lose a another 5 lbs or so, Honey thinks I'm getting too skinny. My friend LaLa who is a skinny as a rail (think Lindsay L, The Olson Twins and Nicole Ritchie), thinks I look great, sexy and curvy. Yep, my badunkadunk butt and thighs are really sexy like a big bowl of jelly. Yah alot of help they are, they all manage to conflict. My own self perception is not to be trusted, I'll alway find something to complain about from a zit, a bad hairday and my god these jeans totally give me a muffin top. Muffin tops with a shirt that is slightly too short, that's hot, love handles just hanging out waiting on the world to glom onto them and go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Why is so easy to be supercritical of yourself and so accepting of others? Oh right, I'm the one who has issues. I'd be the perfect candidate for throwing salt on MY own wounds, that is if I were allowed to eat salt.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Getting Older And Maybe A Bit Wiser

As a birthday present to myself, I am ready to go and have my eyes checked. I've always been proud of my 20/20 vision. Lately, I've found myself closing one eye while reading, things are getting a bit blurry with both eyes. So Honey and I went to the mall to to try on glasses together since he won't be able to come with me during the week when I go for my eye exam. We found a few pairs that we both liked, one pair he said I looked like hell on wheels from Boca Raton, the "Excuse me? Don't you know who I am?" type of woman, those he did not like. I think that's kind of funny, especially since I'm wearing a Happy Bunny shirt and a Hello Kitty Necklace (a new one from my mom for my birthday). How can you be a Boca Bitch when wearing those two things? If my shirt said Bebe in rhinestones, I could understand or a blingy DKNY tee. If he keeps spoiling me with jewelry, I am going to really look like a Boca Bitch. Or an OC wife.

Oh and if your bored go to Try on Glasses I wish I could have put the pair I found on here with my picture, but a) it won't let me b) it's probably better I don't get any more opinions to confuse me

Friday, January 05, 2007

It's My Birthday, It's my Birthday..

It's my Birthday and here in my world it's a Holiday, so go ahead and have a great meal and some dessert! Indulge one last time before you start your after the Holiday's desire to lose those five pounds that you didn't have when Thanksgiving arrived. Now, I can fully put my tree away and the very last of the decorations.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Orange County Monster Under My Bed

I had to foray into Orange County today, the holidays are over and it's back to a quasi-normal life (as if I knew what a normal life is). Today I had to go to an outpatient imaging center for a regular ultrasound (no I'm not pregnant), I'm thirsty, and haven't ate or drank anything since midnight, their silly rules, not mine and my appt is for 11:00 am. My CD player in my car is being temperamental, I don't know if it's the removable face or what but it lashes the words "See You" at me (it's so fucking polite when it puts me on a time-out) and turns itself off, I swerve over the bumpy things on the shoulder, sometimes a curb check brings it back. Okay an hour drive on the highway with no tunes. lovely. So of course what do I do? Start messing with the cd player, faceplate on, faceplate off. Eject CD, put different CD in. Almost miss my exit. SWERVE. Check rearview mirror for cops and angry drivers, clear. Fuck the tunes. I just drive, not a meaningful thought in my head, just driving, at some point I take a look at an intersection sign to make sure I am still on the right road. I'm ok, I get back into zoning out and yep, the CD player decides it's ready to join the world of the living. And yes the volume was up on high and the bass button on Loud. Scares the living hell at me. Luckily, I remain in control of the vehicle. It was blaring this song at me:

Turn Your Lights On
Carlos Santana featuring Everlast
Album: Supernatural

Hey now all you sinners
Put your lights on put your lights on
Hey now all you lovers
Put your lights on put your lights on

Hey now all you killers
Put your lights on put your lights on
Hey now all you children
Leave your lights on you better leave your lights on

Cause theres a monster living under my bed
Whispering in my ear
Theres an angel with a hand on my head
She say I've got nothing to fear

Theres a darkness deep in my soul
I still got a purpose to serve
So let your light shine into my hole
God dont let me lose my nerve
Lose my nerve

Hey now hey now hey now hey now
Wo oh hey now hey now hey now hey now

Hey now all you sinners
Put your lights on put your lights on
Hey now all you children
Leave your lights on you better leave your lights on

Because theres a monster living under my bed
Whispering in my ear
Theres an angel with a hand on my head
She says Ive got nothing to fear
La ill aha ill allah
We all shine like stars
We all shine like stars
Then we fade away

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

School Bus Driver Stops At Quickie Mart

Leaving the House Is Always an Adventure Part II

Today as I'm leaving a quickie mart here in town, a school bus pulls up. I sit in my car and watch the bust, yep it's full of kids. Why in the world does a bus driver with a load of kids go to a quickie mart? Did she need a pack of smokes, a beer, maybe some condoms? Or maybe just an energy drink, you know a Red Bull, a Diet Rockstar, an Arizona Tea? I decide I have to find out what she was doing, was she going to get out? She stands up and then goes towards the back of the bus. Okay, so she pulled into the convenient store to tell the kids to behave, that makes sense. All of sudden a boy about 10 comes out of the bus and goes into the store, he goes straight up to the counter. Damn, I can't see what he is buying. He comes out with what looks like a credit card receipt and something small in hands. At this point, I just start my car and go, there wasn't any possible way to see what he was carrying back to the bus driver. fuck

Maybe it's just me, but aren't bus drivers suppose to follow a route and not make stops that aren't on their schedule? Don't they have GPS units on the bus? How many parents would be concerned that their friendly bus driver is sending her kids into the quickie mart? WTF? If you read the previous post about a guy buying a "blunt" (cheap cigar) to fill with pot and used his fishing license as ID, you too will be wondering what the hell kind of town do I live in? Where the hell am I?

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Gummy Bear Song

Gummy Bear Song - video powered by Metacafe

I love gummy bears! I'm eating some now...

It Must Come Down!!!

What goes up, must come down! At least that's what they tell me. If it's anything like my mood swings it must be true, I say! So down, down, down the Christmas decorations, never in my life have I done it New Years Day, but this year? Out, out, out! I have a new year ahead of me! Places to go, people to see, things to do! I must hurry, I feel a sense of urgencey to get my house back to normal, so the redecorating can continue! I found my brush today! And my shiny silicone smoother! Why were they lost? Because there is no mirror in the bathroom! The new wallpaper was delivered last week, but of course it can't go up during the holidays. Everybody is way to busy, busy, busy! Gotta go , go , go.

I Spy With My Little Eye, Something Beginning with D

It's the much coveted D&G Moto Razr, previously released from a waiting list of celebrities, children of celebrties and other people with means. It just so happens that the Razor I got when they first came out is up for replacement on our plan. The price is nice $299, which is actually cheaper than the original Razr. I already have the accessories. So while I know the phone a few posts down is pretty unabtainable for what we have going on in 2007 & 2008. The Dolce & Gabbana phone would be a nice affordable change, though I am looking at others. I was surprised to see it hit the stores by Christmas.