Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This is not my chair

Recently my mom got a new desk and a new chair. She gave me her old chair plus one that came with the desk. I figured great now we will have two real office chairs, two that will suffice until we upgrade and buy nice leather chairs for our new desk (s) that we don't have yet, it's kinda hard to find two desks that will fit into our office side by side any better than we have now, but in any case I would like them to match.

Honey takes my wing back chair away and puts it in the foyer which is basically empty. He then puts the office chair at my desk, I sit down and l start to have cold sweats, my heart starts racing, I'm scared. I do not like this chair at all, it doesn't recline, I can't fit crosslegged into it, there are no cushions to stick things into, this just won't do. Honey looks at me and says are you having a "spell" which is what he calls my anxiety attacks. Yes, I squeak, I don't like this chair, this is not my chair. Would you like your old chair back? Yes, please and please hurry.

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Frannie Farmer said...

Good man .. that honey!