Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mommy! Bring me a Cookie!

This is Fletch. In his e-collar. I call it is cone head costume. I mean what the hell is an e-collar? It's not an express card for the toll roads. They call those e-passes. It's more of a bulldozing collar, if he doesn't like something he just moves it on out of his way. He is getting pretty good at it, my little devil of destruction in a cone head. His box was lined with wrapping paper and had a tiny disco ball hanging above it, he has since bulldozed the paper off and the disco ball would smack the top of the collar when he would go in, so I had honey yank it down for now. I'm thinking he's pretty pissed off that the bathroom got redone in wallpaper and the bathroom is pretty much BabyFred's hideout. So, I will redecorate his home for him when the collar comes off for good. I will be glad when it goes away, he can't slip and worm his way under the covers now, he can flip them back and off of us to get in though. Also, he uses it to scoop poop, that's disgusting. But on the other hand his bowel movements are under his control again, for the most part. Which is pretty exciting since farts scare him, especially his own, the first few nights after surgery, all this excess gas would erupt from his bottom and he would jump up and look for a place to hide and basically freak out keeping us up. Oh and the first night he also managed to poo on everything. That was fun. By night two the other kids (Zeus & Babyfred) were getting pretty clingy on me too. I looked at Honey and said this really makes you want to have triplets huh? He said it wouldn't bother me, none of these guys even know I exsist. Rub it in baby. Rub it in. I went to Wal-mart on a Saturday to have some space. I don't like Wal-mart to start with. And I HAD a rule, no Wal-mart on Saturday EVER.

Oh and did I mention that I have to wipe his bum everytime he goes poo? And put anti-body cream on his long incisions around his bum? He managed to pull out two stitches, but the wound is closed and the vet said he wouldn't need to restitch it, it will just scar more this way, purely estetic problem. So I don't have to take him to Melbourne to have him resewn.

Happy note: I leave for Vacation on the 29th . YAY! Just a girls (Mom and I) trip to Ft. Lauderdale. I've been gone for two years now from there, I had to move up here for health reasons. Who knew I would get married and never go back?? The reason I know I'm not going back, my husband wouldn't live anywhere but here and I don't think my mom would either. And I would be all alone with no blood relatives in the area. Which was cool in my 20's.....but those CRAZY days are behind me.. Look for my memoirs someday.. (after I write them)


Anonymous said...

Poor little puppy. He looks so embarassed!!


Swishy said...

Awww ... you're such a good mommy!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Aw, poor guy.

Cyd said...

Imagine what would happen to his stitches if he sneezed like this:
panda sneeze

Sounds like he's gonna recover fine with you taking such good care of him.

meno said...

e-collar is short for elizabethian collar, because it looks like the stand up collars that were fashionable at the time.

All useless facts, at your fingertips.

TTQ said...

He does like a good period piece, he's waiting on Netflix to ship us Marie Antoinette