Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Goodbye Wedding Dress

On Thursday I will be purging closets, to take the "good" stuff to a upscale consignment shop in Ft. Lauderdale. Among those things, one will be my wedding dress, shoes and veil. I'm not going to have kids and with Florida humidty and hurricanes well it's just not practicle to keep. I offered it to one of my neices who recently got engaged but she didn't think she would ever get in to it. My sister's daughter has been offered a cash buy out instead of a wedding, plus I can't imagine that she is interested. So why not make a couple of hundred dollars if I can? Honey is sad, he wishes I would keep it. That said, we have had the conversation a few times and he knows I will do what I want anyway. But I will keep my Tiara, because a worthwhile Temper Tantrum Queen should always have one on hand. My mom instantly caught on to that, she said a Princess of the House, huh? Yes, mam. If I knew how to start the lawnmower, I would mow the lawn in it.


Karen said...

I think that's a very smart thing to do. I know it's a sentimental thing, but I'm not having any children either and I really wish I would have done that years ago. What I really wish is that the idea of renting designer gowns was more popular back in the dark ages when I got married (1989). It would have been great to wear an ultra-fabulous dress that I never could have afforded, have my picture taken in it a million times, and then give it back - nothing to haul along move after move, no huge price tag. Anyway, I say, go for it!

Swishy said...

You should snip out a little piece of fabric if you can do it being sneaky!