Friday, February 16, 2007

Who busted my lip angelina Jolie Style?

The cold weather here in sunny FL, hasn't even hit 32 degrees yet, though that is expected tonight. Can someone please tell me what the hell happened to my big pouty bottom lip while I was sleeping? Remember Angelina Jolie's lips in Girl Interrupted where they have red lines from cracking? I have red lines and what appears to be teeth marks in my bottom lip. My bottom lip is normally very pouty to the point of being obese and now it's horrible. I just had a shopping extravagance for Blistex, I bought a few different kinds. Reading the ingredients really didn't work out so well, all I know is that chapsticks, etc..have a shit load of sunscreens, most have two or more things for sunscreen. That's great, but what about healing lips? This is a picture of my unchapped lips. If I had gotten off my ass and went to Circuit City, I could have showed you for real on Youtube. Scary though me having a web cam in my possession

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