Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This is Swishy or Is it it Jessica Devlin?

Is Swishy really Jeri Ryan who play Jessica Devlin on Shark? You tell me.

Bloggers can be anyone which means they can be famous, they write under names like Swishy. Sometimes they slip up and let a few things out and if you are a faithful reader you might pick it up. Swishy and Manic Mom had their picture taken with an author, Manic posted the picture. BAM! Swishy jumped off the screen at me. I yelled Holy Batshit Batman! Swishy is famous! She's that smoking hot babe from the TV show Shark. So you see what I'm saying people? Pay attention! Your bestest blogging buddy could be Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay be careful to shy away from that threesome unless of course that's your thing. I prefer some witty , independent girls to buddy up too, women of strength and character AND who make me laugh with their writing..

So back to Swishy, here's her story... Swishy has a part time boyfriend who she call semmy, you know like a semi-boyfriend, who drives a semi-trailer (he loves the open road and the money ain't bad) semi-monthly and can only get a semi-hardon when in bed, hence he is Swishy's semi-boyfriend, the other needs Swishy has are met by yet another semi-boyfriend. Swishy is in semi-heaven. So go check her out.

I posted a pic she sent to me and a pic that was on the internet. I'm still convinced that Swishy is the girl on Shark


Swishy said...

Holy crap, I'm laughing so hard I'm seriously going to pee my pants. OH MY GOSH. I cannot stop laughing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You are toooooo funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog TTQ. I've seen you around and kept meaning to come over for a visit...

TTQ said...

Trish no problem!
Which picture is swishy!
c)All of the above?
d)None of the above?

Frannie Farmer said...

Oh my heavens ... I feel like I've been cavorting w/the popular group. She soooooo looks like Jeri. Dang.
Love the semmy info …

Manic Mom said...

Uh, Swishy...

Put your boob away!

LOL! How was I to know my BBFF is some famous chick on TV?

TTQ--sorry I haven't been by in sooo long and thanks for making my contest finally END!

Andie said...

Holy Crap! She does look like her!

How funny!