Sunday, February 11, 2007


Do I look scary? Good. It's tax time. duh. Ms. do her taxes within 45 mins of having the w9's is confused. I have figured them twice, both came out really different, sigh. I NEVER HAD TO FILE MARRIED BEFORE. See, marriage messes everything up. I hate seeing my tidy piles and my re-worked forms, because I don't know which one is right. I am seriously thinking of taking them somewhere to be done. There are alot of different sources in our income these days, and each one sends you to a seperate worksheet then back to the main form. Bloody Hell. I use to be good at this shit. Now I'm some befuddled that everything is starting to unravel. I'm misplacing papers I had, my household spreadsheet isn't being updated..and where do I find this damn post office rebate thing????????? AAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK.

Anybody know what those tax people charge you to complete your forms? I hate not being able to do, but I gotta move on. Before I hurt someone.


Swishy said...

My dad's a CPA so he does them for me :) But I think it's pretty cheap. Cheaper than replacing whatever you break trying to do them yourself, at least!

Sarah said...

I heard H&R Block is anywhere up to $400 depending on how large your pile is so hard to decide if it's worth it! When we had to file after getting married, I fudged it all up because I was so used to doing 1-2-3 TELEFILE! IT WAS SO GREAT!

I guess weigh making a mistake and maybe not getting the refund you deserve or overpaying vs. knowing it's done right but paying up the arse.