Sunday, February 04, 2007

Phone envy

What do you do when you have 4 months left on your carrier phone contract, and everybody is complaining about their phone besides me? My phone is the one that is up for a free upgrade, I was going to wait till June and pick one out (when our contart is up and we may move to another carrier, but I sit here doing, yes, more research on phones. The only input I get about a phone replacement is "I want one that doesn't suck" and "I want one that doesn't drop calls". But do they actually know what's out there? Hubby doesn't seem to want to wait 4 omnths now, he's had it since May. I finally got him calm by saying that I would gladly take it to the Cingular phone store and have them look at it, but that we were not going to be buying a new phone for $200.00 this month. Just not happening.

Here is the PDA and the phoneI like today.

Nokia N800 $399.00 Without a plan, phone only.

Nokia 7370 $329.00 Without a plan, phone only

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Anonymous said...

these two phones have gotten rave reviews here in oz though many prefer the second one.. I'm surprised how cheap they are for jsut the phone we have the top one and paid over 800 dollars for it with no plan ....