Monday, February 26, 2007

Weather Report by a Dreaming TTQ

I dreamed that I flew to the DC area and there was NO snow. It was gone, and spring wasn't far off. My whole purpose to go right way was to see snow, to play in snow, to sit indside and watch snow. Not that I don't love my big sister and family because I do, very much. I wanted to be in her house cozy and filled with kids, maybe even go sledding, drink hot cocoa and wear gloves, hats and scarves (all borrowed and mismatched, because I couldn't possibly tell you where my outdoor wear is, if I even still have any).

It's hot here today. I went to the gym and wore shorts and a long sleeve t over my workout shirt. I was warm. I was sleepy. I only worked out for 30 mins instead of two hours. Driving home my eyes were fluttering to shut, I hit a curb. I paid extra attention and crawled into bed when I got home and just woke up. The culprit maybe? Maybe I took one of my night time meds this am instead of a daytime one? I take 20 pills of the course of the day, sometimes more, it's the only logical thing I can think of.


Cyndy said...

We got six inches of snow yesterday. And you are right, it won't last long. Spring is around the corner.

You know you are welcome anytime. Airport is only 20 minutes away so you don't even have to warn us before you fly.

TTQ said...

I'm actually really busy this week laying in bed waiting to be struck with a burst of energy. I did make it to the shower though. *shrug* It was the least I could do for Honey.

Swishy said...

LOL: "I'm actually really busy this week laying in bed waiting to be struck with a burst of energy."

ha ha ha ha ha

So jealous you have warm weather! It is like 45 here and I think I have died and gone to heaven.

Karen said...

Snow is overrated. I am done with it. It can go now. Take care of yourself!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Yeah, I'm over the snow. After being in sunny Florida for almost two weeks, then come back to this. I'm not very happy.

Frannie Farmer said...

snow ... we have snow here too ... more and more and more. It is starting to get to me!
Did you draw the picture? It is lovely!