Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Cats Meow

And if you don't know what I'm talking about..Checkers is a fast food restaurant here in Florida, their greasy bags cam with holes that said to cut here and put your cat in the bag to make a "cat wrapper". Lo and behold Youtube never fails:

The walk in the middle of the clip makes me giggle ..because that is how my beagle walks when I we okay,okay I put his boots on him. By the way did I ever post a picture of the beagles new Pimp Jacket? It's on the hanger, I'm having some technically difficulties with the wardrobe and actual picture taking. Honey is not thrilled because its fuzzy and PINK. Fletch is a boy beagle. Real men wear pink right? Dogs are color blind right?


TTQ said...

I just noticed that the cat goe sto his bowl to find food then the garbage can..he hasn't figured out it's HIM that smells so good!

Sarah said...

Checkers rocks! ;)

We always hit them up when we went to Deltona! LOL

Poor kitty...