Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wearing a clothespin on my nose

Dear Abby,

I hate to bring to bring up such a delecate matter, but maybe you could give us some advice to get through this. My husband and I have 90lb Doberman and he has horrible gas today. The problem is I think my husband has been giving him table scraps OR the dog is eating his own poo. The cat and the beagle have already cleared the office, and usually all three of them lay here with me while I play on my computer. Also, my husband has taken to bellowing WHO FARTED?. The rest of us are getting tired of yelling NOT ME!. I know it's not my husband trying to blame HIS farts on the dog because he isn't even home. I made sure our doberman pooped when I took him out, yet this awful stench still lingers in varying waves of potency. These farts are going to be hell tonight when we all pile in the bed, I'm not sure if we will all make it through the night. Plaese help us. Maybe some miltary unit can donate older model gas masks to us if there is a program like that?

Tired of stinky dog farts,



Frannie Farmer said...

Ugh. Hate it when that happens - thus the dogs live outside!

Andie said...

FYI- if you feed your dog plain yogurt with active cultures, it helps with the stinky poots.

Hope that helps ya out!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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