Monday, February 12, 2007

I don't do mornings or stress

I'm floundering here, so very close to just dropping out of reality all together. It doesn't show on the outside, but on the inside, what a freaking mess, my muscles are taut, my nerves are tightly wound and curled. My recall memory is for shit, and I'm tired, tired, tired. I'm going to give the taxes another go and pay the bills tonight. Maybe then I can get some peace within. Mom, Honey and I are joining a gym tomorrow..though I really feel like playing a nasty contact sport at the moment. The good news? All the active wear I tried on today fit nicely and alot was too big, though I didn't buy any. I have some here. I wear them to the grocery store and running errands. I was just hoping to find something to perk me up, a new pair of sneakers or some work out clothes. Also on the good side I really freaking mastered my ipod last night updating playlists. It had features on it that I didn't ever bother to play with.

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