Sunday, February 25, 2007


My husband knows me well.

Me: Honey! Look how pretty! (practically clapping my hands in glee)

Him: You want to go there don't you?

Me: Yes

Him: Today?

Me: Maybe Tuesday (pulling up Expedia)

Him: You know, you are suppose to take me with you sometimes.

Me: Honey, we are going on a CRUISE together. (as if that's the end of it)

Him: How much? (to fly roundtrip to see snow)

Me: Ummm, not a bargain, but not bad.

Later today or maybe it was earlier:

Honey: Kendra is coming tomorrow. (Kendra and her husband owned the house next door, she is still good friends with Honey)

Me: Good, Have fun cleaning up the guest bedroom. (Last time she visited I had two days notice, I was pissed)

Honey: She won't be here before noon

Me; Fine, but I won't be here while she's here (The last visit was a disaster, she's was wreck)

Honey: Where will you go? (thinking I'll say mom's and that she will send me home)

Me: I've always wanted to stay at the Hyatt in the middle of Orlando Airport, I'll pick a flight for the next day by wandering the ticket counters .

Honey: She's not coming.

Me: It's fine if she does, I just won't be here.

Honey: I was just kidding. Really, I'm KIDDING.

Me: Okay, well see. I really do want to stay at that Hyatt...


meno said...

So what on earth happened during Kendra's last visit?

I'm nosy like that. If you did a post just direct me there.

Frannie Farmer said...

I like Honey .. he is witty :O)