Monday, February 05, 2007

Are We There Yet??? How about Now? Are we there Yet?

26 hours till I find out the results of my my ultrasound and CT scan. I'm a mess, I'm tired, I'm not hungary. I only gained 3.5 pounds on a 9 day vacation. I figured I would gain 15 pounds, and I was okay with the that. In fact one morning we split a large piece of cheesecake, a napolean, two eclairs (one each) and I had a Edy's fruit and ice cream bar. For 9 days I ate everything I shouldn't eat. Protein, Salt and fried foods, and desserts wherever they looked good. The mass is still in my stomach, taunting me with their firm hardness. I haven't done a sit up in years, like maybe 6 years. Abs and tummies just aren't this hard on their own...which is what I was dreaming till the doctor found it. My mom was quick to pint out that they sometimes remove tumors that weigh 25 lbs, how great would that be? It'd be like liposuction only covered by insurance. ( Her thoughts, but she also lied and said I didn't have a muffin top in a picture she took of me last week, okay so maybe it wasn't a muffin top, but I should have put my jacket or whatever I had with me back on before the picture) Which would probably cause me to gain 25 lbs from being too sore to do anything but lay there pop a percocet, and muhch while watching tv for two weeks. Her other advice is that when she had her breast cancer, she quit smoking because she was doped up on percocets and never really noticed when she last smoked. She was a light smoker like me, I only smoke in one room, and my car. Last week I only smoked 12. You would think it would be easy to quit since I don't smoke alot. Notice the pencil, when ever I get the urge I'm going to chew on a pencil, pens don't work so well, You get ink mouth sometimes by surprise.


Frannie Farmer said...

Good luck with the smoking thing ... I hope the pencil works ... quickly :O) .. cause it can't taste good.

Jagular said...

I got my fingers crossed for ya. I hope you get some good news.

cubmommy said...

I hope you hear good news. You are in my thoughts and prayers.