Saturday, March 10, 2007

Two Peas In A Pod Only Different

You ever wonder why Courtney Love is still alive and Anna Nicole Smith isn't? Think about it. Courtney has a long history of heavy partying, self -destructive behavior and her image is well, unstable. Everytime I see her picture I wonder what she has done this time or is she finally dead. You know like a Sid and Nancy kinda thing. Nancy..dead, Sid..dead, Kurt Cobain..dead. Courtney alive and kicking (sometimes literally) at 42 despite her wild child attitude. She's even paling around with Paris Hilton, Joel Madden, and Nicole Ritchie Look at the pic if you don't believe me, I bet they get together for a night of putt-putt and ice cream.

I think Anna kinda wore off on her a bit, and it ain't pretty people.
Least you forgot what a wreck she are a few pics of the good ole Courtney America loves



Anonymous said...

She looks a little scary in some of those.

Mama P said...

Your photo on Meno's site intrigued me so here I am (really nice hair you have going on, but what the heck are you smooching?) I can't wait to check out some of the celebrity dish you have going on. Pretty graphics.

TTQ said...

LeighAnn- She is scary!

Mama P- Welcome! The pic is not me smooching anything.. You have to go through my archives to see me or go to Flickr.. You never know what you are going to find here at Bumble Blog..Last night I had nothin better to do than check out the tabloid type dish..